Do Not Lose XY Find It Tracking Beacons [Hands On]

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Within 150 feet the XY Find It Bluetooth tracking beacons are fantastic at allowing you to locate your chameleons, car keys, and walking notebooks.

photo 2

What happens if you go beyond the Bluetooth range? You’re screwed.

Seriously, traverse beyond the XY’s reach and you become at the mercy of anyone else who has the “XY Find It” app, because your own phone sure as shit will not let you in on where the beacon and your precious puppy have gone. That is my only gripe.

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Shove That Green Solar Energy Up Your . . . Roads?


Solar Roadways is currently on Indiegogo touting a modest goal of powering entire countries, and reducing greenhouse gases by 75%, with their impact resistant solar panel road hexagons.


Pave every road on earth with these solar panels already!

Skepticism over functionality, the trendy hipster-lovin’ solar/green thing, and battery life should come to a crashing halt with Solar Roadways’s amazing . . . well . . . solar roadways.

So do they work?

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Juno Power Jumper Charges Phones, Tablets + Cars?

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That’s right for less than a hundred bucks the Juno Power Jumpr will grant you the micro-USB port needed for your phone, the amperage for your tablet, and another port will allow you to jumpstart your fallen motor vehicle.


Phone charger turned VROOM VROOM?

It’s true, folks. If you are a car enthusiast (like myself), or just own a piece-of-shit car (like myself), you want to buy up one of these in a heartbeat.

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Pocket Printer: Putting the Power of Printing in the Palm of Your Hand

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What’s that? You’re stuck in the middle of no where and need to print off an important document? Never fear, Zuta Labs’ Pocket Printer is here!

Gadizmo Pocket Printer

The Israeli team of engineering students at the Jerusalem College of Technology have recently secured financial backing through Kickstarter for the release of the novel printing device to the paying public in 2015.

That’s right, sometime in the near future your briefcase may be the home to a pocket sized inkjet printer. So how does it perform?

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Big Turtle Shell — If Batman Had a Bluetooth Speaker, it Would Work, Look, and Sound Like This

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Big Turtle Shell is a water, dirt, and shock resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker that looks like Morgan Freeman made it for the dank, stalagmite filled Batcave.


Close your eyes… you’re in Christopher Nolan’s Batcave; Christian Bale is out growl-talking some thugs. You’re Michael Caine, and the Batcave is a mess. You need some of those nostalgic UK tunes to put you in the cleaning mood — the BIG Turtle Shell is there for you.

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The Johammer J1 Does 125 Miles on a Single Charge

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Until now the electric motorcycle market has been a bit of a snoozefest, hampered by boring designs and limited range but, the Johammer J1 not only looks different, it is different.


This team of Austrian designers claim to have built the first electric motorcycle with a range of 125 miles. They haven’t quite cracked the 200+ mile range of their combustion cruiser counterparts but a 3+ hour ride at a leisurely country road speed is all my butt can handle anyway.

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Headwatch. Yes, it’s as Dumb as it Sounds

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Headwatch is designed for those people who have long conversations on their phone and really do not like holding the phone up to their ears for that long because it hurts their arms… and want a watch.  You know, all of those people.


The following quotes are directly from Headwatch’s IndieGoGo page and I am willing to sacrifice the flow of the article for the purpose of humor. The creators at Headwatch say, “Handling the smartphone is becoming trickier, probably it is not in your pocket!  Well, it doesn’t need to be like that, Headwatch solves perfectly your problem!” Headwatch is probably right; who really keeps their phone in their pockets these days… the above are just two of many favorite lines throughout this IndieGoGo pitch.

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G-Pad Plus iPhone Equals Retro Gaming Console

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A man has a dream: one day all of the glorious three-decade sum of Nintendo’s exclusive video games will play on a cell phone, and GBA4iOS in conjunction with the G-PAD have done just that!


Fire up the Super Nintendo (SNES) Super Marioland on your iPhone. I could stop the article right there. There is nothing to sell here. We all want Mario and Luigi and Yoshii rescuing the Princess from Bowser on our phones and GBA4iOS gives it to us for free.

A streamlined emulator called GBA4iOS will bring many side-scrolling favorites, like the original NES Mario Bros. and Sega’s Sonic to the phone at no cost and without the need to illegally jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch.

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Glow in the Dark Road Paint Makes Dutch Country Roads Safe, Sustainable and Colorful

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We’ve all been there, driving down those spooky, unlit country roads in the dead of night. Some people are brave stupid enough to cycle or even walk down them. Now, thanks to a new glow in the dark paint, Dutch country roads will be a whole lot safer (although possibly spookier).

Roosegaarde Dutch glow in the dark

The “photo-luminising” paint is the brain child of Dutch interactive artist Daan Roosegaarde who, in a partnership with civil engineering company Heijmans, was able to make his vision of safer, greener roads a reality.

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Power Your Phone With Body Heat Patch Tech

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Today’s breakthrough technology: recycle heat from your body, cars, boats, factories, and convert it to electrical power with glass fabric-based thermoelectric (TE) generators.


We are not even talking about tomorrow or in ten years.

Byung Jin Chothat’s team of Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) researchers are making and testing extremely light and flexible TE generator wristbands right now!

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