Cree’s LN Smart Fixtures Rewrite Rules For Light

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Now I know what you are saying: the Cree LN series of Smart LED lighting fixtures are evidence of moving into an advanced future like that of the Kree Empire’s from the Marvel Universe.


It would be hard to argue that point (except that this ‘Cree’ has nothing to do with Marvel’s ‘Kree’).

The often too dim or painfully bright, harsh light of office fluorescents has remained in the Dark Ages in terms of technological advances up until the Cree LN.

Cree’s suspended LED tubes are similar to fluorescent counterparts but their aesthetic is sleek and eye pleasing in their semi-translucent wing, or spoiler-like, assembly.

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Uknekt Petfeeder Remotely Communicates & Spies On Pets

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In a campaign that will surely bring the remote spying capabilities of governments everywhere home to us all, there is now a pet watching, communicating, and listening smart device called the Uknekt Petfeeder.


A motion sensor alerts you to your pets’ movements.

Keep ‘em watered, keep ‘em fed, and if one (25 pound) cat named Cosmo starts to push Khaleesi (a normal sized kitten) out of the way for more than his fair share of food, then yell at him through the Uknekt’s built-in speaker system!

After all, our cats, our dogs, our iguanas are our family, so why wouldn’t we want to communicate via creepy audio like the voice of god, feed them, or video spy on them when we are away from home?

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PowerUp Turns Any Paper Airplane Into an R/C Drone

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If you have a smartphone and you have a piece of paper then you can have your own Bluetooth enabled PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane.


Steer your own paper airplane drone to empower the Neighborhood Watch.

This is an all new eye in the sky!

Paper airplanes are awesome for relieving office boredom, attacking a coworker or sibling, or sending messages around the Ministry of Magic.

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Earth Day Special: iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard

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The Earth Day Special consists of a brilliant eco-friendly iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard.


Behold! This is the first eco-friendly bluetooth keyboard!

Bamboo grows like a weed and it is to be hoped more electronics will abandon products made with products harmful for the environment and with processes ripe with carbon emissions when tech like the iZen become more and more prevalent.

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Planty Smart Pot Monitors & Waters Plants For You

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Planty lets you water your plants from anywhere via an app on your smartphone and a water distribution system in the smart pot.


Wow! The world will now don far less neglected (and dead) house plants!

On a personal note, there has never been an app to completely and utterly transform my life in a such a revolutionary way, because everything I have ever attempted to grow in my life has either been too watered down or not watered nearly enough and died an untimely death.

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MergeVR Goggles & Motion Controller Births $129 Virtual Reality

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The virtual reality rage is here and with more competition comes crafty innovation and more reasonable pricing, the sum of which equals the $129 MergeVR Goggles and Handheld Wireless VR Motion Controller!


Just how do the Buddhist monk Jedi Knights over at MergeVR make such a dirt cheap system? Hello! They use our cellphones.

Since smartphones are everywhere, why not utilize their computing power to drastically reduce the cost of virtual reality headsets with a simple slide in option?

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Password Vault Is An Offline Identity Protector

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In a world rife with nefarious Internet activity, whether by a code-hungry hacker or your own government’s Big Brother organization, the RecZone Password Vault was created to store all of our identity information and passwords securely.


What does “securely” mean exactly?

Well, the Password Vault device is completely offline for starters.

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Robot Chef Makes Crab Bisque For Moley Robotics

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Imagine a robot that you can teach a cooking technique to, possibly after decades of perfecting a method, so that the robot chef perfectly emulates the human chef’s dish for all of time thereafter and you have the Moley Robotics cooking revolution.


The robot chef consists of two arms and a customized kitchen built to cook from scratch in.

But can it really cook?

Well the little culinary bot perfectly constructed a delicious crab bisque in less than a half hour using the exact technique of Tim Anderson, winner of 2011’s MasterChef TV show in the U.K.

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Thermo: the World’s First Correctly Insulated Tent

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This is the world’s first correctly insulated tent by Thermo.


What exactly does ‘correctly insulated’ mean here, Thermo Tent?

Well, the groundbreaking new mobile tent promises the most comfortable outdoor sleeping experience ever with a dynamic insulation barrier for both thermal and acoustic considerations alike.

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Geek Weekly: Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg Flash Drive

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The Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg Flash Drive is a thumb drive fit for a queen Targaryen sitting erect atop the Iron Throne.


Geek Weekly has found this 8 GB waterproof Dragon Egg Drive to give birth to all the teeth that information transfers can provide.

I want a dragon egg in my pocket!

Oh, you were hoping that cracking open this Dragon Egg USB drive would give birth to a live dragon, were you? Me too.

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