Geek Weekly: Batman Golfs With The Gotham Golfcart

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If you were wondering how the dark knight could possibly go out and about in daylight on the sunny slopes of a lush, green golf course it will come as no surprise that the Gotham Golfcart was constructed to provide an armored ride to that dangerous 18th hole.


Initial thought: geek-gasm. This thing is in production right now. Order if you dare.

The only issue is that the billionaire Batman alter ego Bruce Wayne is needed just to be able to afford this Christopher Nolan Bat inspired Batmobile turned golf cart.

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GoPlug Charging Bag Is An Airport-Dweller’s Dream Come True

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We’ve all been there — stuck in a boring airport, trying to entertain ourselves with laptops, phones and tablets, but fearful of the their ever dwindling battery lives. And what about the modern business-person, their head in their hands, a dead battery standing between them and their phone calls and emails? GoPlug to the rescue!

GoPlug Gadizmo

GoPlug is a range of travels bags containing a lithium ion polymer battery, standard and USB charging ports, and an extension cable. It’s a simple idea, but surprisingly the incorporation of these charging technologies into a bag is a first, claims GoPlug’s creator Josh Cross.

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Will These Retro-Filter Sunglasses Replace Your Need For Instagram?

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Summer is approaching, which means it’s almost time to break out the sunscreen, scanty bikinis, beach balls… and sunglasses fitted with tinted Instagram filter-like lenses?


You may not want to call them “shades”—after all, the Edinburgh-based company Tens asserts that their sunglasses “work with the warmth of the sun to lend an uplifting tint to the world beyond the lens.”

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IOGEAR GWAVR Sends Mobile, Tablet + PC Wirelessly to HDTV: Hands On

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Well we took a look at the IOGEAR GWAVR slingbox, and this little unit is full of upside (especially for the price) and downside (if you’re not up on your Intel and Samsung products).


I will proceed to tell it like it is.

For less than ninety bucks retail, the IOGEAR GWAVR Wireless Mobile and PC to HDTV device gives consumers an inexpensive option to transfer images, videos, and online content to a high definition television or an HDTV-ready monitor.

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Geek Weekly: Run In With R2-D2 Infrared-Projecting Keyboard

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Don’t get me wrong, having any R2-D2 that projects an image is freakin’ cool, and one that puts out an infrared keyboard for Star Wars buffs to type with is even better.


But come on, Runatown, $330? REALLY? Screw that. This R2 is too damn expensive for far too little.

Try not to misunderstand fellow Jedi Alliance members, I LOVE this badass little droid.

I want one in the worst way to role out on desks across the world.

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Feeling Sleepy? These Smart Glasses Will Help Your Body Achieve Optimum Performance

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If you experience that afternoon slump due to an excruciatingly lackluster 9-to-5 office job and you need a reminder to get more coffee percolating, smart glasses by Japanese company Jins Meme may be just what the doctor ordered.


With its six-axis acceleration sensor, the smart glasses can recognize electrical potentials (Electro Oculography) prompted by the movement of eyes (it can tell which direction your eyes are shifting to and how much you’re blinking). The sensors are located in the ends of the frames, bridge, and nose pads.

It’s a very convenient device because it fills multiple functions. By alerting you when your energy is dipping, you can take a break to refuel yourself during long drives— thereby keeping you safe from possible oncoming sleepiness-induced danger.

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LifeLogger, the Wearable Camera that Lets You Relive Memories as Accurately as Possible

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If Snapchat’s distinguishing feature is its transience, its disposable moments captured and shared for someone else’s brief viewing, the antithesis is the aptly named LifeLogger. Instead of transmitting these moments and then deleting them (most likely because they are too embarrassing to have an eternal record of), LifeLogger lets you and others linger over your past frolics and milestones.


The wearable camera, worn on a headband that extends across the back of your head, shoots 720p 30fps video, as well as 5-megapixel stills, and records up to eight hours of your day. You can live-stream your footage and stills via USB or over Wi-Fi to the web so “[y]our friends will have a front row seat to your life at the push of a button,” the website states. LifeLogger’s Kickstarter campaign started a week ago and ends July 1. The company hopes $150,000 is pledged by this time.

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Do Not Lose XY Find It Tracking Beacons [Hands On]

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Within 150 feet the XY Find It Bluetooth tracking beacons are fantastic at allowing you to locate your chameleons, car keys, and walking notebooks.

photo 2

What happens if you go beyond the Bluetooth range? You’re screwed.

Seriously, traverse beyond the XY’s reach and you become at the mercy of anyone else who has the “XY Find It” app, because your own phone sure as shit will not let you in on where the beacon and your precious puppy have gone. That is my only gripe.

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Shove That Green Solar Energy Up Your . . . Roads?


Solar Roadways is currently on Indiegogo touting a modest goal of powering entire countries, and reducing greenhouse gases by 75%, with their impact resistant solar panel road hexagons.


Pave every road on earth with these solar panels already!

Skepticism over functionality, the trendy hipster-lovin’ solar/green thing, and battery life should come to a crashing halt with Solar Roadways’s amazing . . . well . . . solar roadways.

So do they work?

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Juno Power Jumper Charges Phones, Tablets + Cars?

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That’s right for less than a hundred bucks the Juno Power Jumpr will grant you the micro-USB port needed for your phone, the amperage for your tablet, and another port will allow you to jumpstart your fallen motor vehicle.


Phone charger turned VROOM VROOM?

It’s true, folks. If you are a car enthusiast (like myself), or just own a piece-of-shit car (like myself), you want to buy up one of these in a heartbeat.

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