Nike+iPod Armband Slightly Revised

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ipod-case-nike.gifNike has released a revision to their Nike+iPod armband for the iPod nano. As an owner of the first generation armband I’ve been relatively pleased with it. It fits tight and snug when running, and makes it super easy to change tracks and get info about the current workout.

This new armband has a couple of features the previous did not. You can now view the nano’s screen through a clear window, and control the click wheel through the provided embossed control labels.

Nothing too dramatic that makes me want to rush out and purchase the armband, I’m fine to stick with the “first generation.” That being said, if you are the active type and don’t have one yet, it is nice to not have to worry about your iPod jumping out of your pocket.

The Nike+ Sport Armband is available now for $29.

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