Micro-architecture Sci-Fi Society Is Here In Multimedia Ovei Pod

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With eight billion people on the increasingly laden earth, many futuristic stories have placed their less than wealthy citizens in meager living spaces, but the McCormack-designed Multimedia Ovei Pod brings in a ton of gadgetry and perks to cozy the harbors.


Lush, comfortable, private. This is the portable living room chair filled with goodies, like room for your big screen TV, your tablet, your iPhone and iMac.

And let us not forget the recline-to-sleep option.

Picture an entire skyscraper stretching into Hong Kong’s yellow cloud cover and within each floor are hundreds of miniature sleeping pods so that “a room” consists of a space large enough to site upright on a twin-sized temper foam mattress.

William Gibson’s masterpiece novel Neuromancer (inspiration for The Matrix) practically invented cyberpunk and pictured the overpopulated world where pods could be rented hourly or daily for cheap. Let me quote Neo here: “WOH!”

This is really happening and the need for it is only growing.

Now this vision of buildings stuffed with miniature architecture pieces developed to house humans comfortably, despite lacking all floor space is coming to fruition, but in style, thanks to McCormack Designs.


The Formula Racing driver, shown on Mccormackdesign.co, reclines to a sleeping position while the pit crew feverishly works on the car. Why not turn to an LED screen and start computing your latest Twitter race standing predictions?

Close the Pod up for peace and quiet; open the Pod up for a strangely surreal mothership escape pod egg view where you can converse from the comfort of your own miniature living room.

The Ovei Pod is the predecessor to McCormack’s release later in 2014. I do not know what the hell exactly to make of this folks, except to say: it’s the future!

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