Meet Agent, a Watch That is Smarter Than You

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There’s no shortage of devices that are given the “smart” title, however it wasn’t until the release of the Pebble that the idea of an actual smartwatch became a popular reality. Newcomer Secret Labs has created their own smartwatch, dubbed Agent and unlike other companies that are riding the coattails of Pebble’s success, this company believes Agent brings much more to the table.


One of the main features that sets Agent apart from its competitors is its wireless charging ability. In today’s world almost all the fun gadgets require precious surge protector real estate. Even the Pebble requires a cord and charging dock, as do most of the other smartwatches that have arrived on the sceen. Agent, however, utilizes wireless Qi induction charging with an included pad.

If you happen to lose the pad, there shouldn’t be a problem finding a replacement as the wireless charging technology is based on the Qi standard.

Agent watchfaces

Of course, even with the wireless charging feature, there’s no point in having a smartwatch if it needs charging after a day of use. Secret Labs has addressed the battery life concern by improving power management. Instead of one processor, Agent has two. One used for the more high performance functions of the watch and the other low power variant is for more basic tasks.

The watch can last up to 7 days with its smart functions activated, or up to 30 days in basic “standby” mode. In addition, Agent utilizes a power conscious Sharp Memory Display that combines the advantages of both LCD and e-ink and also Bluetooth 4.0 to further extend battery life.

Features include a 120HMz ARM Cortex-M4 processor, 1.28-inch display, onboard motion and light sensors, and an OS that allows developers to write apps for it using C# and Microsoft Visual Studio

Like other smartwaches, Agent connects to your smartphones and allows you to access your music library, run downloadable apps, display incoming calls and notify you when you’ve left your phone behind. Currently the project has more than tripled its goal with a month left on its Kickstarter page. Early bird pledges can pre-order the Agent for $129, not bad considering the MSRP is expected to be $249.

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