Lighters, Knives, Death Stars and Other Unique Cufflinks by YOUgNeek

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I don’t know how they do it. One can only assume that somewhere there are a bunch of talented tiny little people, with teeny little hands, and mini pocket sized tools churning out some of the coolest cufflinks we’ve ever seen.

The company is called YOU gNeek and they specialize in making all kinds of miniature jewelry in vintage, modern, and geeky styles. Their tiny vintage looking lighter cufflinks are a working piece of art perfect for any guy looking to make a fashion statement or keep a conversation starter on his sleeve.

Measuring 7/8” high and 3/4” wide, these gumball style lighters require a steady hand and some common sense for those brave enough to attempt a light while wearing them (there is actually a warning doc that advises against this – good times).

For you knife aficionado’s YOU gNeek has also create a set of tiny working stainless mini knives. Yes, they are sharp and yes, they are dangerous. The blade is about 9/16”, most likely hard to hold, and perfectly capable of cutting open a package.

Judging by the popularity of our recent Han Solo ice cube tray article, Gadizmo’s Star Wars fans will be happy to know that these creative geniuses have also create mini replicas of the Slave 1, Death Star, and Millennium Falcon.

With prices ranging from $40 for the Star Wars collection to $90 for the working lighters, YOU gNeek has something affordable for the button-down-shirt-wearing-guy with everything.

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