LED Desk Lamp is a 4 Port USB Hub!


For those of you who are not aware, LED lighting is the future.  The amazingly bright LEDs use very little power and last somewhere close to forever.

Many new laptops (especially the Macs, which only have two) are slimming down their design by eliminating USB ports.  So nearly every desk now has two fundamental needs for computing:  light and more USBs outlets.

Welcome the SIIG AC-H40112-S1 USB LED Lamp w/4-Port USB 2.0 Hub!

Yes the product’s name is uncannily long, but the SIIG LED Lamp’s benefits far outweigh the ridiculousness of the name.  This LED Lamp is sleek, stylish and bright, as only a USB cable powers it.

Wait a second…what?!  A USB cable powers a blindingly bright LED Lamp and expands the computers USB 2.0 capacity by four?  That is amazing!  And it looks good!

The SIIG LED Lamp is a flex light, just like the old time desk lamps of yore, and it stretches to be nearly a foot tall when taut.  The base is three and a third inches in diameter and provides the insanely easy to use USB hubs.

For just under twenty-five bucks (at NewEgg.com), the SIIG LED Lamp can be yours to impress your ladies by desk light.  The unit can also be powered by AAA batteries, so it is portable, and it is environmentally friendly (which can be a HUGE turn-on for those green ladies, who like my girlfriend, are conscious of responsible power usage).

Enjoy the light!

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