Improve and Track Your Health with the W/Me Wristband

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Back in the day, mood rings used to be all the craze. The color of the ring would vary depending on how a person was feeling… allegedly. In reality, the mood ring actually measured a person’s body temperature thanks to a liquid crystal thermometer i.e. the stone that changed color. While a mood ring is little more than a fad, items like the W/Me wristband utilize a similar concept that helps monitor your body’s autonomic nervous system, breathing patterns and heart rate, and lets you know which emotions trigger negative autonomic  reactions.

W/Me wristband

Unlike other activity trackers, the W/Me focuses one a specific goal of managing breathing and describing a user’s mental state. It provides users with coaching sessions that come with 5 different levels and 1 programmable level to practice your abdominal breathing. These breathing exercises help to correct negative breathing patterns and improve overall health and mood.

The wristband also provides readings for agility score and autonomic nervous system age, which provides information on how “old” your nervous system is and how well you deal with stress.

W/Me breathing coach

The W/Me has iOS Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and an LED readout that can provide all of the necessary information without the need for a smartphone. It also has about a week’s worth of use when fully charged and a built-in USB connector for charge.

The device uses a built-in heart rate variability sensor and uses its own algorithms to arrive at its different readings. Aside from viewing your stats as they occur, the W/Me also has a history chart that catalogs your previous readings.

W/Me wristbands

The project has about a month left on its Kickstarter campaign and is about 99 percent funded at the moment. Currently the W/Me is iOS only, though they plan on Android compatibility soon. Upon release the device will retail at $169 although, early backers can get their hands on one if they back the project for $139.

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