Hoverboards Have Finally Arrived… Or Have They?

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Developers have been taking a stab at hover-technology for countless years now, with results just shy of success. The let down is far more dramatic than the actual unobtainable design, mainly because hoverboards have been so deeply implanted into our brains that it almost feels as though the real deal is upon us. I guess we have Hollywood movies to thank for that.


But a team of young entrepreneurs have teased us with what it appears to be a levitation device, called HUVr Board. Before we venture any further, I’d rather burst your bubble now than later. The HUVr Board is a hoax.

With that out of the way, the HUVr team uploaded a product video on YouTube not too long ago, and it went viral. With celebrity demonstrations done by Tony Hawk, Moby, Terrelle Owens, Schoolboy Q, and Agnes Bruckner around downtown Los Angeles, it’s hard not to believe the craft as anything but “completely real”.

When the HUVr first made an appearance, it was accompanied with a genuine company website that offered the product in four different colors. The board could have been easily controlled with a HUVr App, powered by Bluetooth. Though this product won’t be commercialized anytime in the near future, its real-time tracking feature, which includes GPS-location, distance, speed, travel time, are good indicators of what can be included should hover boards ever make it to market.


The design of the board is suspicious to say the least. The high-tech abilities of the board all lies within a wheel-less and bearing-less Penny Board-like platform. It’s a good thing that HUVr Board is not ready for market, because frankly, I don’t know who would be comfortable flying with a single footpad plastic board, which the developers claim as “super solid”.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, commented:

“Once in a rare while do you get the chance to be part of something this big. This is one of those times. I’ve never been so excited for a product I’ve invested in. This f**king thing is going to change the world!”

For now though, the only hover board is the one in our sci-fi fantasies and the epic video below, check it out.

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  1. Baba Booey

    I argued with a guy at work who swore this was real for almost 15 minutes — I thought he was trying to mess with me — he was not. Faith in humanity was lost this on this sad day.


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