Hands On: GearPower Mobile Power Station by IOGEAR

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Portable, pocket-sized, and powerful, the GearPower Mobile Power Station 4400 from IOGEAR provides a remarkable battery charge on the cheap.


How often does that iPhone (yes, even their top-shelf batteries suffer from this) get drained on a train, car, or plane ride?

If the reception is dodgy then texts, Googling, and even Facebooking can suck a smartphone, tablet, or iPod dry in a matter of hours.

Take it from one who commutes to Manhattan via a near-two-hour train ride, each way, and needs the Apps to flow in order to get vital work done (and partake in a good mobile chess game too) even an iPhone can get drained down to a husk and die before a return journey is complete, leaving you very vulnerable and sadly Apple-less.

For the avid camper and traveler or the working incessantly on-the-go business person, the GearPower 4400 makes life a lot easier.

Many times I’ve had my camera battery die at the worst moment on vacation, and though I have a charger at the hotel I never sprang for the eighty dollar extra battery; now this pocket-sized battery pack can jump my Panasonic Lumix on the go!

This tiny Power Station weighs nearly the same as an iPhone, is smaller in length (though near twice as wide), and she holds a lot of power for charging!

I took my halfway dead iPhone 4S and plugged her into the GearPower 4400, and in a little over an hour my phone was fully charged and the IOGEAR Power Station had only lost a fifth of its charge (meaning I could charge up the phone about five times on a single go).

Out of the box, the GearPower 4400 took about three hours to fully charge itself via my USB port in my MacBook Pro; the device also comes with a plug for faster charging. After three days, the power bars on the GearPower 4400 had not budged a millimeter.

This bad boy goes for just shy of fifty bucks, and it includes a protective pouch which holds your battery pack and the included device adapters for 1 x Samsung, 1 x Sony Ericsson, 1 x Nokia, 1 x Micro USB, 1 x Mini USB making it compatible with smartphones, cell phones, tablets, iPad (1 & 2), iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry devices, digital cameras, and most MP3 players.

Not only is this battery pack good for nearly anything less powerful than a laptop, it keeps surprisingly cool even while charging something.

And what’s more, the IOGEAR Power Station is made to Green environmentally friendly specs and for each of these units sold between March 1, 2012 and August 31, 2012, IOGEAR is donating $3.50 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure with a guaranteed minimum donation of $20,000.

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