Geek Weekly: Scrolling LED Belt Buckle II Represents

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Wear the label at the office or school of “the computer guy” proudly (as I do) with the Scrolling LED Belt Buckle II, for the tech geek in all of us.

LED scrolling belt buckle

No longer will messages have to remain subliminal or dress codes have to be so strict and so utterly lame.

It is true that the bank, the corporate headquarters, and the classroom all infringe upon one’s freedom of expression at times, but rarely are the belt buckles made a part of the societal censorship madness, and so stylin’ is placed back in our geeky hands once again.

Prepare up to six stored messages that are up to 256 characters long and flash ‘em with beautiful bright blue LED lights backed by a chrome frame buckle right along your waist. Maybe you’ll write, “IT’S SEXY” (though I am not sure there is an arrow character pointing down, nor do I recommend such a thing for that is slightly douchey).

Perhaps the office manager is the equivalent of a sloth in a suit, except far less handsome, and their troll-like manners have to be addressed as you enter a meeting with them; simply type “IDIOT” and let it scroll across your belt buckle as you face him, because it is up to him and your colleagues to determine who that message is for, not you, the beloved office nerd.

Rarely have freedom of speech and expression combined to usher in such a fun, sleek, and sexy thirty-dollar toy that can also make it without breaking any of the rules in the fifty-page office dress code and behavior policy booklet. It’s not like I’m speaking from experience . . . or am I?

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