Geek Weekly: R2-D2 Robot Trolley Suitcase

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For only 95 Euros you can be the proud owner of a large R2-D2 (AZ-2028 ROBOT TROLLEY 60) suitcase on wheels!

Geek Weekly cannot ignore the effort placed upon this rigid, but rounded out, beauty that wheels around wielding a well organized interior to array an arsenal of tools, tasers, and ton-ton prodding forks.

But wait; is the ultimate droid mechanic, R2, going to be subjected to only carrying things as an AZ-2028 ROBOT TROLLEY 60?

Imagine the terminal chock full of uptight traveling types hustling and bustling about in hellish battles to board, fly, and land from a plane. If you are like me, you are wondering how the hell you can have a little fun with the mundane airport experience, and Salvador Bachiller can accommodate you with this bad bot.

Simply open up the smartphone and let the “Lightsaber” App’s Star Wars music blare, or better yet get a hold of a sound effects studio App and let R2-D2 argue along with C-3PO and give him the swirly all the while you walk about the terminal pulling the R2-D2 (AZ-2028 ROBOT TROLLEY 60) suitcase along as though he is only following Luke Skywalker through the subterranean ice base on Hoth.

The R2-D2 suitcase includes a lock with combination of three digits, extensible cart, two handles (top and side) and four wheels of polycarbonate with a wonderful R2-like 360 degree turning radius to facilitate the tremendously droid-like mobility.

“Help Me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”

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  1. John McMahon

    Hi. I’m trying to buy the R2D2 suitcase but can’t find any way of doing so no-matter where I look. Can you furnish me with any details available, thankyou.


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