Geek Weekly: Minecraft Light-up Redstone Ore Desk Cube or Night Light

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Dig down to 8-bit blocks of grass, rock, stone, and coal until the underground torches reveal the very crust of the earth’s mantle, glowing red with heat, and now you can own that fiery block of infamous Minecraft Light-up Redstone Ore.

The video game Minecraft has taken PC and X-Box gamers by storm – literally, you can see storms of rain descend on yourself and the landscape as you mine.

The rules are simple: break and build. Avoid the darkness. Build some more.

Drift off into the Sandman’s square dreamscape of deep cavernous labyrinths. Head out of sight of as the blocky Atari-like sun goes down and adventure out of the way of the pigmen arrows by sinking deep down in the uncharted underground. To see and burrow deeper into the mined caves and crust, torches are required . . . unless you find the eerie self-lit redstone ore.

Maybe it is a radioactive substance, maybe it isn’t, but the 8-bit cubes certainly look cool as they light up the otherwise undecipherable darkness.

Now you can have your very own glowing Light-up Redstone Ore to keep the bedroom faintly lit and happily dim as a twenty-five dollar night light. Or the inner geek in you can take the Minecraft Ore block and slam it down on the office conference table right next to the corporate phone.

Even the sandbox universes of the video game communities need to represent in the presence of the fiscal minded. What desk or bedside table could be complete without the classic video gaming cube of Minecraft Light-up Redstone Ore?

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