GameKlip: You Need a Real Controller for Real Games

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With the recent influx of add-on controllers, joysticks, and gamepads for mobile devices, it is clear that next generation smartphones are becoming capable gaming machines. Titles like Grand Theft Auto may not yet offer the same high quality experience you would expect from a full fledged gaming console but, you’ll be happy to know swinging a bat and stealing a car will now feel right with GameKlip.

This handy ABS plastic clip will take the Playstation Dualshock3 controller you have come to know and love and securely attach it to your Android phone you can’t live without.

Playing games with a wireless controller on your Android phone isn’t exactly a new concept. The Sixaxis Controller app has been around for a year now and although the functionality is great, laying your screen on a table or your lap leaves a lot to be desired.

By combining the controller app with the GameKilp, designer Ryan French has created a truly comfortable mobile gaming experience. The only requirement, you have to pick up the app and you need root permission. If you don’t have root or you’d just prefer a hardwired version for your Galaxy S3 (AT&T), GameKlip will include the necessary cable for an extra $8.

Currently the GameKilp is being manufactured to fit the following popular devices but Ryan says he “may be able to fabricate GameKlips for most other devices on demand”;

  • Galaxy SIII (All variants)
  • Galaxy SII (Epic 4g Touch, Sprint)
  • Galaxy SII (Skyrocket, AT&T)
  • Galaxy SII (International)
  • Galaxy Nexus (HSPA+)
  • Galaxy Nexus (LTE)
  • Galaxy Note (AT&T)
  • HTC Evo 4g LTE (Sprint)
  • HTC One X (All variants)

Whats more, we’ve been told that a GameKlip for smaller 7 inch tablets is also in the works. When we asked about the practicality and potential added wrist strain Ryan replied “I thought it would be too heavy myself, but when I got my hands on a Nexus 7 in person, it worked surprisingly well!”

Xbox fans are probably thinking the same thing I did… uh, what about us? Ryan tells me that the physical mounting is possible and that he has created a few prototypes but he then went on to say,

“Unfortunately there are a few technological limitations with using a 360 controller on an Android device. First, the wireless technology is not compatible, so wireless is out. Second, the accessory port doesn’t seem to send control data so a shortened cable is out. Finally, the wired controller works, but is only offered with a 9 foot cord which is somewhat cumbersome. I’m looking into ways around these problems and may be offering a solution in the future.”

Since wrapping 9 feet of cord around your neck isn’t exactly a fashionable look, someone from the Xbox community is going to have to step up so those PS3 guys don’t get to have all the fun.

You can pick one up and support a great self funded cause for just $15 at

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