Fido is Officially Spoiled: Climate Controlled Dog House

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Some may call it the height of canine luxury, I’d like to think it’s the least you could do for your best friend.

The ClimateRight is a 2500 BTU unit capable of heating, cooling, purifying and dehumidifying pet houses up to 350 cubic feet. For those of you who struggle with numbers, that’s about 7’L x 7’W x 7’H, or in other words, a huge honking dog house.

An easy to read digital display allows you to quickly set the desired temperate, timer, and even sleep settings. What’s more, you can control the unit from the comfort of your own home with the included remote control.

Featuring a premium Hitachi compressor powered by a standard 110v electrical outlet, the ClimateRight is built to handle the seasons, yet at 40lbs is small and portable enough to store away when it’s not needed.

If you can pry the magical box away from Fido’s cold dead paws,  the unit is also said to be perfect for heating or cooling a tent or small camper on family camping expeditions.

At $599 (not including cost to run an outlet to the house) it’s not exactly cheap but, when you consider the alternative for your pampered pet…

…it may well be worth it.

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