Feed Boba Fett To the Star Wars Sarlacc In Your Toilet


If you are feeling brave in your bathroom, then attempt to save Lando Carlissian from suffering the same fate as Boba Fett and falling prey to the infamous pit of Sarlacc In Your Toilet.


“Boba Fett, where?” Han Solo yelled in blind exasperation.

And with that Han accidentally bumps into Mr. Fett’s jetpack and pitches him into the oddly feminine pit. The galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter and badass dies – not by being cut into shreds by a raging Skywalker laser sword, but like a little bitch.

The desert monster opens its . . . self . . . and swallows Boba Fett with a satisfying burp for good measure.


Now everyone can reach out and grab Lando’s spear and pull him out of the hole’s tentacles, or drop their own enemies and dookie to the depths of the mysterious Sarlacc creature (where the Sarlacc will slowly digest everything in its gullet for five hundred years).

Star Wars fans potty training their young Jedi Younglings and Padawans will not want to pass up this hilariously detailed and accurate depiction of the climactic rescue of Han Solo from space gangster Jabba the Hutt before the almighty Sarlacc In the Toilet.

For just twenty-five bucks, Jabba’s barge, the Sarlacc’s many teeth and tentacles, and yes, even Han holding Lando up by his spear (no pun intended) and a succumbed Boba Fett are included in decal form.


These are designed to fit the inside of your toilet, the toilet seat, and the toilet lid, once the desired surfaces are completely dried and cleaned thoroughly (nerd alert! this cleaning is described in the instructions).

Disclaimer: The maker of these decals is in no way responsible for anything bad that happens to your toilet or plumbing. I am only responsible for the joy of turning every bowel movement into a galactic battle.

On a personal note, I’m afraid if I get this and my fiancé comes home to find me on my knees scrubbing the toilet and measuring the distance between my decals that I might not be getting married in a few months. But then again, maybe she’d join me!

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  1. These kind of decals would be perfect for potty training. Someone should make a whole line of licensed toilet stickers.


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