DoorBot: The Smartest Doorbell on the Block

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Picture this familiar scenario: you need to leave town for a few days or you step out to run errands, but you are expecting an important delivery. No need to worry, because you have DoorBot, the new WIFI enabled video doorbell that lets you answer the door and even let someone inside from anywhere in the world as long as you have bars.


If UPS or FedEx is at your door with a package. You simply answer and kindly tell them to leave the package on your steps or, if you’re the trusting type, remotely unlock your house from wherever you are and have delivery guy leave the package inside. If an annoying friend swings by, simply check the camera, ignore, and claim you were never home.

In an ever increasingly connected world why should be unavailable and unreachable even when we’re not home? The DoorBot streams live video and audio directly from your doorbell to your smartphone so that you never miss another visitor again. The concept is strikingly simple, but makes an incredible amount of sense.


DoorBot has a few kinks to work out, like being able to link it to the wiring of your existing doorbell, but the installation is as easy as mounting a mezuzah with just four screws. The unit is battery powered, has an infrared camera so you can see in the dark, and can easily sync with multiple smartphones.

Never again do you have to answer the door awkwardly to people hawking magazine subscriptions and selling Girl Scout cookies. Don’t want to miss that Amazon delivery of 50 Shades of Grey and can’t stand the thought of driving an hour out of town to the nearest UPS shipping center? No problem. Answer the door with DoorBot and tell them to leave the package under the mat.

You can currently purchase this digital doorman with or without the optional Lockitron for $189 and $339 respectively.

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