Click & Grow — Chia Pet for the Sophisticated

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If I told you about a flowerpot that grows plants without watering and fertilizing, you might say whaaaaaaat? Introducing the Chia Pet of the future (although this is arguably way cooler). A company called Click & Grow, with offices in Palo Alto and weirdly in Estonia, presents the first smart flowerpot that does all that complicated gardening stuff for you.

Powered by a couple of double A batteries, the Click & Grow comes with a futuristic flowerpot that includes electronics, sensors, batteries, a pump and a water reservoir. Yes, I know I mentioned that you don’t need to do any watering, but the Click & Grow is pretty much self-watering, you just have to add water to the reservoir. They recommend refilling the water monthly, but a blue light will start blinking when it needs it. And of course, the flowerpot doesn’t come with built-in photosynthesis, so you have to put it somewhere with adequate light.

Click & Grow is pretty easy and pretty idiot-proof – especially for someone with no gardening experience. The package comes with a plant cartridge, which has seeds, nutrients and special software for growing the plant. Yes, software for growing the plant. How futuristic does that sound?

If your plant dies a tragic death, you can always get a refill with a myriad of different types of seeds. You could have an herb garden with some sage, coriander, or thyme seeds. Or you could have a beautiful bouquet of marigold. And if your sick of running out for lemons or tomatoes, they have you covered there too.

All in all, one of the 4 Click & Grow starter kits: mini tomato, basil, chili pepper, and cockscomb, would make a great affordable Holiday gift for only 60 to 70 bucks a pop.

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