Changers Solar Charger Makes Being Green a Social Competition

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The Changers Starter Kit provides technophiles with every possible connection to charge super gadgets galore via the sun!

The camping trip always looms large as a battery-sucking deterrent. I’ve personally had friends running parked cars for hours just to keep their phones alive and stay on the connected Facebook grid.

A responsible human being will no doubt already have jumped on board with eco-friendly products and companies, like Apple – which went from being notoriously bad to one of the greenest and conscientious producers of electronics in the twenty-first century, and all of their batteries last a heck of a lot longer than anyone’s.

What else can the consumer do to enjoy the perks of reading the next Neil Gaiman page-turner on their Nook tablet, no matter the circumstance and lack of a wall outlet?

Buy a Solar Charger kit from, and change your luck!

It is true that the price tag – just shy of a hundred and fifty bones – is steep, but Changers makes it well worth your money.

Their starter kit includes everything one needs to revel in the power of the sun and keep the smartphone, iPod, tablet, and laptop alive. The Kindle-look-alike solar panel (complete with suction cups for window hanging), portable solar battery, and USB (and micro-USB) connection complete with eight adapters to fit thousands of devices are all in the Starter Kit.

The software that accompanies the solar charger even measures how much carbon is saved with each charging attempt. While the online marketplace lets your chart your savings, share your stats, and compete against your friends.

Reports suggest that at least a few hours are needed to really power up a smartphone, but the sky – even when cloudy – offers us the sun for many hours throughout each day.

Save electricity and save the environment and save the dying batteries of all things gadgetry!

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