Never Get Caught Adjusting Again


Kickstarter, the same crowdfunding website that brought the world technology advancing 3d printers, smartwatches, and even virtual reality gaming has officially furthered mankind with the now successfully funded, adjustable men’s underwear by UFM.


What good are all the gadgets in the world if men can’t keep that thing dangling in their khakis from sticking to their legs long enough to play with them? I’m sure that is exactly what creator Eric Schifone asked himself when he sought out to create these patent-pending phallus tamers.

Did you know that men waste upwards of 20 minutes a day adjusting, tucking, and itching their gigglestick? That sounds totally believable even though I just made it up! If it were true, we could say that UMF’s adjustable pouch not only keeps you comfortable but it also saves the world money and increases productivity by keeping things from bouncing around, falling out, and chaffing ever again.

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Improve and Track Your Health with the W/Me Wristband

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Back in the day, mood rings used to be all the craze. The color of the ring would vary depending on how a person was feeling… allegedly. In reality, the mood ring actually measured a person’s body temperature thanks to a liquid crystal thermometer i.e. the stone that changed color. While a mood ring is little more than a fad, items like the W/Me wristband utilize a similar concept that helps monitor your body’s autonomic nervous system, breathing patterns and heart rate, and lets you know which emotions trigger negative autonomic  reactions.

W/Me wristband

Unlike other activity trackers, the W/Me focuses one a specific goal of managing breathing and describing a user’s mental state. It provides users with coaching sessions that come with 5 different levels and 1 programmable level to practice your abdominal breathing. These breathing exercises help to correct negative breathing patterns and improve overall health and mood.

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Meet Agent, a Watch That is Smarter Than You

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There’s no shortage of devices that are given the “smart” title, however it wasn’t until the release of the Pebble that the idea of an actual smartwatch became a popular reality. Newcomer Secret Labs has created their own smartwatch, dubbed Agent and unlike other companies that are riding the coattails of Pebble’s success, this company believes Agent brings much more to the table.


One of the main features that sets Agent apart from its competitors is its wireless charging ability. In today’s world almost all the fun gadgets require precious surge protector real estate. Even the Pebble requires a cord and charging dock, as do most of the other smartwatches that have arrived on the sceen. Agent, however, utilizes wireless Qi induction charging with an included pad.

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Steampunk Your Style With These Watch Movement Cufflinks

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Subtly accent a suit, embrace your inner steampunk, and show off your own personal style at the same time with some handmade antique watch movement cufflinks.


Each cufflink incorporate distinctive and rare antique pocket watch movements from designer brands like Bulova, Hamilton or Omega. Even within the same brand, the watch movements can differ greatly in terms of size, shape and design — so you know you’ll be sporting something unique.

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The Force is Strong With These Pieces of Jewelry

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What do you get when you have small Star Wars figurines and some one who loves making jewelry? Etsy user Jennifer Landa, makes some very quirky Star Wars jewelry that is sure to make even the blackest heart pitter-patter with delight.


Who can resist some custom lego Darth Vader earrings? If only they also had a touch-controlled speaker that played the Imperial March.

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Get Smart With Upcycled Shoe Phones

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Agent 86, more famously known as Maxwell Smart, in the classic 1960s situation comedy Get Smart had a shoe phone. If you think about it: who hasn’t wanted turn their shoe into a phone, no matter how impractical and unsanitary it is. Now you can actually own one yourself with UK artist Sean Miles “upcycled” shoe collection – a collaboration with mobile United Kingdom phone carrier’s O2 Recycle initiative.


With inspiration not from Maxwell Smart (sort of?), but from Sports Illustrated’s famous free sneaker phone that was offered with every subscription, Sean Miles took older model Nokia and LG handsets and embedded them into the souls of a Christian Louboutin heel, a classic men’s brogue, a Nike Air trainer and a Hunter Welly.

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Battle the Flu in Style with Vogmask

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Everyone knows the best way to prevent the flu is to lock yourself in your house and cutoff all outside contact with the world for a few months but, if that isn’t an option for your OCD riddled brain, you can always protect yourself in style with Vogmask.

These stylish masks mean you can finally face the perils of life while looking crazy chique, which, as we all know, is much better than just plain crazy.

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Buckyballs Addicts Rejoice — Omega Releases Anti-Magnetic Mechanical Watch


Great news for all you magnet lovers out there. Omega has announced a new movement, the caliber 8508, that is resistant to magnetic fields greater than 1.5 Tesla (15,000 Gauss).

What the hell is Gauss? In short, it’s how we measure the strength of a magnetic field. To put this into numbers we can all understand, an average sub-woofer has a magnetic output of around 7,500 Gauss while a set of Buckyballs is around 5,200. As it turns out, magnets are watch killers, accounting for a large number of repairs and returns in the watch world — who knew?

The Rolex Milgauss, previously the best anti-magnetic watch, was only able to resist 1000 Gauss. Sure, this might have been acceptable for scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN but who knows where space-time travel could take you. As long as you’re not transported to a neuron star, the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra can work in all environments.

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Talk To The Hand – With The hi-Call Glove Phone

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Holding a phone to your head is for cavemen and hands-free kits make you look like a loon talking to nobody. If only there was a compromise that was as practical as it was socially acceptable.

Oh wait, there is! It’s the universal sign for ‘phone’ and one of the four most natural things in the world: holding your thumb and pinkie to your mouth and ear. And, thanks to this handy (pun intended) glove/telephone combo, you can now not only gesticulate about an incoming call, but answer it as well.

The hi-Call Bluetooth phone glove from hi-Fun is a simple but effective design with a speaker inserted into the thumb of a wooly glove and a mic in the pinkie allowing no-nonsense talking to the hand thanks to a Bluetooth link to your phone. And they keep your hands warm!

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Geek Weekly: Scrolling LED Belt Buckle II Represents

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Wear the label at the office or school of “the computer guy” proudly (as I do) with the Scrolling LED Belt Buckle II, for the tech geek in all of us.

No longer will messages have to remain subliminal or dress codes have to be so strict and so utterly lame.

It is true that the bank, the corporate headquarters, and the classroom all infringe upon one’s freedom of expression at times, but rarely are the belt buckles made a part of the societal censorship madness, and so stylin’ is placed back in our geeky hands once again.

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