Here’s My Autograph: Smart Camera that Takes Pictures For You

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With a recent study claiming that snapping pictures ruin our ability to remember those precious moments we wanted to capture, the Autographer by Photojojo may provide just what we need to preserve our experiences.


A hands-free “life logging smart cam,” the Autographer is a wearable camera that contains 6 sensors including GPS, a compass, accelerometer, thermometer, color sensor and infrared motion detector. It uses an algorithm to shoot pictures automatically and grabs 50-200 photos an hour  through a custom 136° wide angle glass lens. As if it has a life of its own, according to the product website, it just “knows” when to take photos.

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This Home Theater System Might Cost More Than Your Home

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Just sit back and relax – you’ve just spend $500 to see the newest Hugh Jackman movie. Recently unveiled, Prima Cinema is the new home theater for the ultra-antsy and ultra-rich.


With Prima Cinema you never have to wait in line, never have to worry about that dreadful flickering “sold out” sign, and no more sitting next to crying babies and loud teenagers the next time you want to see a new blockbuster. And what might that comfort and convenience be worth? About $65,000 to get the ball rolling — not including the furnishings!

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Roku 3: Please Take My Money

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Do the streaming content wizards at Roku ever sleep? The company just released their streaming stick hardware 5 months ago and here they are already with the new and improved Roku 3.


The latest iteration of their popular set top box is a little bit curvier, a whole lot faster, and most notably, comes with sweet purple headphones.

Sure, I could talk about how their new hardware will get you to your 750 channels of movies,TV shows, sports, music, and games five times faster than in previous versions or how it now features Dual-band wireless, Ethernet, and a USB port but, who cares, the remote has headphones!

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Hands On With IOGEAR’s Wireless 3D HD Digital Kit


As the NFL season rolls on toward the playoffs and the NCAA bowl games near, the IOGEAR Wireless HD Digital Kit launches to provide sharp 1080P HDMI signals from one TV to another seamlessly.

No matter how many High Definition televisions are rockin’ your sports bar or pristine home setup, there are always going to be places where the TV is ideal but the room to run connection wires, a Blu-ray player, and a cable box are impossible (at least without taking down a wall and ignoring the wife’s pleas for a contractor – and I do not recommend this).

What do you do when there is no room for a gargantuan vanity, an antique bookshelf to hold the Blu-ray player, and a slew of action adventure romance movies in the living room? And on top of this, the wife insists the TV looks best in the corner beside the fireplace, but the wires just will not wind through the chimney to give the DVR cable box’s content to you.

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Geek Weekly: The Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition Blu-ray with Broken Bat Cowl


The identity of the retiring Batman is dependent on the infamous and intimidating symbol and mask of the Bat Cowl, and there is no more of a despairing image than seeing Bane throw away the dark knight’s busted piece aside, while Wayne lies with a shattered body. It’s like watching the final defeat of a champion and the people’s ultimate defender.

Only through that defeat and utter failure can the ineffable super hero, and his citizen persona of Bruce Wayne, hope to embrace the possibility of overcoming Gotham City’s greatest threat and retiring his legend for a happy life with feline cat burglar Salina Kyle.

Geek Weekly is astounded by the Limited Edition version of The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray, and its chilling antecedent to the rise to victory by the final Christopher Nolan-Christian Bale Batman film (that we know of).

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Panasonic’s 2012 Blu-ray Revolution

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A Wi-Fi blu-ray machine with 3-D, FLAC audio, and a sleek and sexy player fits in the palm of your hand? Wow!

Panasonic has long been considered one of the top shelf brands when it comes to consumer electronics, and their new lineup of blu-ray players will prove to greatly evolve the high definition movie environment.

One of the newest models revealed at the CES 2012 show was the Panasonic DMP-BBT01, which is like a shinier and skinnier black Wii. And yes, not only do these bad boys fulfill Netflix, Skype, and Amazon VOD via Wi-Fi but also smart phones, which can be used to function as the system’s remote control (so hunting down that damn remote that the cat, Cosmo, swiped far under the couch won’t be necessary).

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Roku Streaming Stick Makes Dumb TV’s Smart


In 2012, look for the Roku Streaming StickTM to become the end-all addition to High Definition TV. Or at least it will be if consumers want their TVs to remain true Smart TVs.

The inventors at Roku have been busy taking their astonishingly tiny and fun Roku 2 XS set top box (yes, the hockey puck-sized one) and they have shrunken the streaming player even further.

This flash drive-sized device will make any TV with an HDMI input a Smart TV capable of streaming Netflix, Amazon Video, and hundreds of other media through the most intuitive interface of Roku, and all of this will not require a single cable.

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Wave the Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control and Change the Channel!

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There are many universal remote controls available on the market and they are not only expensive, counter-intuitive, and boring, but they are not programmable wizard wands like the Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control.


With a flourish of the wrist, wand in hand, The TV turns off, then on, and then the channel changes.

That’s right Harry Potter, Magicians, and even Lord of the Rings fans, this wand or short staff resembles a magical piece of wood, and by flicking it in a resolute motion it will awaken the TV.

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Roku 2 XS Streams Superior TV & Netflix with Angry Birds Included!

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Streaming has been revolutionized again!

The Roku 2 XS is the newest TV streaming component to hit the shelves this month, and Roku, the original device company for Netflix, has spared no expense.

When it comes to TVs and you–the consumer’s–system, folks, small and thin is sexy.

Roku has beautifully crafted their newest streaming device to rival the Apple TV, but at a cost of less than ninety-nine dollars. And it is smooth, silky black, and shaped to be roughly the thickness and overall size of a hockey puck.

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Sony’s Wireless Network Media Player Fills the Void


Netflix has become a standard in movie/TV renting, but what do you do if you can’t get the damn thing on your TV?

Welcome the Sony Wireless Network Media Player (SMPN100)!

Personally, I was in a pickle:  I had an X-Box 360 but did not have a Gold subscription to their Internet, which is the only way that those penny pinchers allow users access to Netflix; I have an LCD TV but one that was bought a few years back and does not have any Netflix built into it.

If I wanted to stream a Netflix movie, or show, I had to either watch it on my laptop, or play it in a cruder than High Definition contrast on the Wii (at 480p).  What does that mean?  Well Reservoir Dogs was not ear cutting in HD, and did not look nearly as nice.

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