Geek Weekly: A Life-Size R2-D2 Fridge That Delivers

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Rarely has Geek Weekly ever seen a more amazing and legendary pinnacle of geekdom as the life-size, remote controlled, R2-D2 Fridge!


Our favorite droid from Star Wars is ready to bring you drinks.

This full size R2 unit has all the sounds and detailed architecture that we have come to love.

I am talking about beeps, bursts of emotional wurooo’s and swirlies, and blinking neon blue lights.

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Geek Weekly: Han Solo Millennium Falcon Guitar

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Doni Custom Guitars have outdone themselves by merging two of the most beloved of pastimes, music and Star Wars, in the Han Solo Millennium Falcon Guitar!

The guitar is literally made from a massive Millennium Falcon toy.

How they scraped together enough of the large units from 1979 to 2004 remains a mystery, but the custom guitar gurus at Doni decided to use the model spacecraft as the body of a Stratocaster style-based guitar.

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Avengers Assemble the Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab

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In the wake of the Avengers: Age of Ultron assault, what gift could be better than a kit to build your own custom Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab?


The Arc Reactor doubles as a nightlight after you have built it.

There are over 24 different combinations of chips within the assembling kit, and each variation will yield different Iron Man-like sounds and light reactions.

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$50 Drone Flies Cheap: U818A Quadcopter with Camera

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The drone craze has made camera wielding fliers come way down in price, and the UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera RTF Mode 2 boasts a $50.45 tag.


Though Amazon considers this a toy, you need not!

For anyone, albeit a curious kid that has outgrown paper airplanes to physics instructors to anyone needing a great gift, the U818A drone flies cheap and flies high.

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The Echo1 M134 Gatling Style Airsoft Gun Will Shoot Your Eye Out at a Thousand Rounds Per Minute

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The Mother of all Airsoft guns is here — it is not a toy.


It may shoot little 6mm plastic pellets like the little handgun you used to sting your college roommates with but, with 35 inches of full metal construction, this 30+ pound monster is anything but typical.

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Mammuth Rewarron is a Huge Remote Control Car for the Big Kid at Heart

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What happens when little boys who love their toys grow up? They buy a 6 foot long, 170lb, 350cc four stroke, 1:3 scale remote control truck.


No, that is not a typo, the guys at Mammuth Works have essentially created a race ready quad, added some servos and, terrifyingly, removed the driver.

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This German Millionaire Guy Made a Separation Slingshot Gun That Shoots Oreos

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Meet Joerg Sprave – coming soon to a reality TV show near you – a multimillionaire German CEO who likes weaponizing and lethalizing everything he can get his hands on, even office supplies and paper planes. Sprave features his virtually deadly creations on his YouTube station called “The Slingshot Channel.” Watch him construct car-sized slingshots of mass destruction, gatling slingshot crossbows and, his newest creation, an Oreo Separation Pump Gun that was designed to annihilate your favorite chocolate, creamy afternoon snack.

Joerg Sprave

Imagine taking over a country… with Oreos? Nabisco wouldn’t be proud. With this 14 shot, high-powered manual, pump action sling gun, Sprave say’s, “It’s a basic human desire to destroy an OREO cookie.” Sprave’s Oreo shooter, which is made out of a lightweight plywood of sorts, is half Mad Max and half John Malkovich’s gun in the 1991 feature film “In The Line of Fire.”

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Geek Time: Death Star Planetarium for Earth & Endor

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How has any self respecting geeky kid (or adult for that matter) ever lived without the Death Star Planetarium?


Frankly fans of stars, astronomers and Lucasfilm vets alike, will find it hard not to splurge thirty dollars US, for a cooler than cool looking globe cast as a model of George Lucas’s Death Star to grace their desk, coffee table, or work station.

But then the nerdgasm takes you . . .

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Geek Weekly: Star Wars R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock

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If you love Star Wars anywhere, from a “galaxy far, far away” to the reaches of the Yavin system (or earth for that matter), then waking up to a near seven-inch tall Star Wars R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock is the only way to start your day.


The sassy little droid will get you up on time by showering you with his signature sounds . . . with an occasional swirly thrown in if you are too sluggish to get up quickly enough for him.

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Snowtime Anytime Brings the Snowball Fight Indoors

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There’s one problem with indoor snowball fights — the cleanup. With Snowtime you get most of the fun of an indoor frozen projectile war with none of soggy mess.

Snowtime Anytime is a pack of lightweight cotton snowballs designed to keep kids (even in the warmest of climates) busy and exercising all year long. And it works but, as the inventors quickly figured out, everyone loves a snowball fight. Now the zip-up carrying case packaging says, this product is for “ages 3 to 103,” which is all the justification adults need for holiday or office parties of any kind.

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