CoeLux Nanotechnology Produces Artificial Skylights with Built-in Sun?

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In an unprecedented display of ingenuity, CoeLux has harnessed nanotechnology to craft LED fixture models that resemble skylights or windows with a frighteningly realistic sun shining through.

Stop slaving away in that basement dungeon you call an office!

Remodel your space to an overhead CoeLux skylight or a wall window so that the illusion of a sun is streaming light into your formerly dim quagmire of an office.

And I have to love CoeLux’s web site disclaimer:

Caution: the photographs on this site are real and unretouched. They are not computer renderings.

Take a cramped studio apartment in Brooklyn and place overhead an immense seeming skylight that transports you back to your trek through the scalding sun in the jungle of Mayan ruins.

The CoeLux takes the illusion of the sun in eastern Mexico and splashes it down onto your floor and your myriad bookshelves, art easels, and empty Peter Pan Bakery boxes.

These windows make it seem as though there is an awful lot more room in any space, and this is due to the fact that you appear to see out of a window, while an LED and nanotech fed faux sunlight is what is really gracing your walls and floor.

Now before you get too excited, there is currently no ultraviolet light emitted from these units that would give you the effect of having been under actual sunlight, though that would be truly bad-ass in the future.

For those currently up to their elbows in many feet of snow in the US, the CoeLux cannot replenish your vitamin D or cure your seasonal depression.

CoeLux does match the wavelength coming from their LED’s to that of the sun’s to emit something that looks like sunlight. And seeing is believing.

The windows are millimeters thick plastic filled with nano particles, and no, CoeLux is not sharing how they came up with that tech, folks!

Know that Mediterranean, Nordic, and Tropical units are available with contrasting effects in the angle of the sun and the coolness.

CoeLux’s inventor, Professor Paolo Di Trapani, explains his artistic approach: “Objects are illuminated by the direct and warm light of the sun, which casts their sharp shadows,” he says. “However, these shadows are not just dark, or grey, but bluish as in nature from being under the diffused light of the sky.”

I want five of these, but alas, they currently run light fiends tens of thousands of dollars.

iPin Laser Presenter Is Plug-and-play with Virtually No Setup

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This Indiegogo crowdfunding smash-hit, the iPin, gives the seminar speaker a laser pointer and a presentation clicker on their own phone to perform wireless presentations.


Now what did Dr. Evil want in a successful evil organization?

An easy to use functioning laser system, and in particular . . . “frickin’ sharks with frickin’ laser beams” and they are now available thanks to the iPin working iOS and Android alike.

Collaborating with Conary Enterprise, the company behind the original iPin for iPhone, HYPER by Sanho Corporation jointly developed the new iPin for Android and the added powerhouse BTtogo.

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Carvey is the Coolest New 3D Tabletop Carving Machine with the Most Obvious Name

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In the new age of 3-D printing, the team at Chicago’s Inventables have created an innovative, semi-portable, and somewhat affordable Carvey 3D Carving Machine that can fit on any table and whittle away at wood, metal, and plastic.


Yes, it is on Kickstarter and yes the name is Carvey.

This device is pure genius, though little thought must have been left to the actual naming of this Inventable from Inventables.

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Mighty Mug Refuses To Go Down . . . Literally

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The Mighty Mug is currently $62,000 over its Kickstarter goal for the coffee vessel that cannot be knocked over.


You heard right, folks, the Mighty Mug refuses to go down, despite being slapped, knocked, or pushed by a sadistic hand trying to douse its Macbook’s keyboard in steaming liquid.

How does that happen, you ask? It all begins with a story:

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Micro-architecture Sci-Fi Society Is Here In Multimedia Ovei Pod

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With eight billion people on the increasingly laden earth, many futuristic stories have placed their less than wealthy citizens in meager living spaces, but the McCormack-designed Multimedia Ovei Pod brings in a ton of gadgetry and perks to cozy the harbors.


Lush, comfortable, private. This is the portable living room chair filled with goodies, like room for your big screen TV, your tablet, your iPhone and iMac.

And let us not forget the recline-to-sleep option.

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GoPlug Charging Bag Is An Airport-Dweller’s Dream Come True

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We’ve all been there — stuck in a boring airport, trying to entertain ourselves with laptops, phones and tablets, but fearful of the their ever dwindling battery lives. And what about the modern business-person, their head in their hands, a dead battery standing between them and their phone calls and emails? GoPlug to the rescue!

GoPlug Gadizmo

GoPlug is a range of travels bags containing a lithium ion polymer battery, standard and USB charging ports, and an extension cable. It’s a simple idea, but surprisingly the incorporation of these charging technologies into a bag is a first, claims GoPlug’s creator Josh Cross.

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Shove That Green Solar Energy Up Your . . . Roads?


Solar Roadways is currently on Indiegogo touting a modest goal of powering entire countries, and reducing greenhouse gases by 75%, with their impact resistant solar panel road hexagons.


Pave every road on earth with these solar panels already!

Skepticism over functionality, the trendy hipster-lovin’ solar/green thing, and battery life should come to a crashing halt with Solar Roadways’s amazing . . . well . . . solar roadways.

So do they work?

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Power Your Phone With Body Heat Patch Tech

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Today’s breakthrough technology: recycle heat from your body, cars, boats, factories, and convert it to electrical power with glass fabric-based thermoelectric (TE) generators.


We are not even talking about tomorrow or in ten years.

Byung Jin Chothat’s team of Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) researchers are making and testing extremely light and flexible TE generator wristbands right now!

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What if a Tiny Robotic Doctor Could Live Inside of Your Heart?

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We all know how difficult it is to see inside our own vital organs, but thanks to science that could be about to change.


Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed and tested a tiny device that is able to swim about inside you and provide real-time, three-dimensional imaging from inside the heart, coronary arteries and peripheral blood vessels.

Not only will it give surgeons of the future a better idea of what they’re doing when they’re fishing around inside your insides, it could even potentially clear patients’ clogged arteries without any major surgery whatsoever.

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Hoverboards Have Finally Arrived… Or Have They?

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Developers have been taking a stab at hover-technology for countless years now, with results just shy of success. The let down is far more dramatic than the actual unobtainable design, mainly because hoverboards have been so deeply implanted into our brains that it almost feels as though the real deal is upon us. I guess we have Hollywood movies to thank for that.


But a team of young entrepreneurs have teased us with what it appears to be a levitation device, called HUVr Board. Before we venture any further, I’d rather burst your bubble now than later. The HUVr Board is a hoax.

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