WonderCube Boasts 8 Intrinsic Mobile Tools In One Cubic Inch

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Sometimes amazing things do come in tiny packages, like the WonderCube’s ridiculous ability to hide eight intrinsic mobile capabilities in one cubic inch.


Imagine one infinitesimal Swiss Army knife for your mobile!

For fans of the Borg or Techies (and Trekkies), the WonderCube brings the future of science fiction to the palm of your hand.

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Seek Thermal Imaging For Smartphones Is Less Than $200!

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Get the portable, light Seek Thermal imager plugged into the base of your smartphone for $199!


Haven’t you always wanted night vision?

Think about it: You have your comics carefully stowed away in a weatherproof crate for your big move into your first house, but the key to getting them into the secret, fireproof, temperature and humidity controlled vault you have prepared in your basement is getting there unseen. Because there are obviously people waiting to commit heinous acts against your precious books. You do not know these people, but they are there!

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goTenna: Android, iOS Devices Can Text Without Reception Or WiFi

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Thanks to Bluetooth LE technology, the tiny goTenna addition allows smartphone users with iOS and Android to be able to text and share location information without cell reception.


You can even save your phone’s battery and text in Airplane mode!

The Brooklyn, New York based outfit invented their own closed loop system that relies on Bluetooth LE to broadcast its signal for instantaneous text (up to 160 characters) and GPS service for up to fifty miles.

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Cock-A-Doodle… Sizzle?

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You’ve tried everything to wake up: from setting your smartphone alarm clock to the blaring of obnoxious sirens or your favorite song to making use of the satisfying snooze button and hearing those sounds again at a later time, which, like a cockroach, keeps… coming… back. It probably makes you a lot more frustrated than relieved. Maybe you’re old school and choose to hear the pealing of a classic twin bell alarm clock. Well, enough of all that futile fanfare— here is something that will do a much more effective and delicious job:


The Wake Up And Smell The Bacon iPhone app by Oscar Mayer shows the image of a rotating skillet instead of the typical two clock hands. You will wake up at the time you set the alarm to by hearing the crackling sound of bacon bathing in a sea of grease.

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Loudbasstard Smartphone Passive Amplifiers – Slick, Green and Loud

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I won’t lie to you – I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit placing my Nexus 7 on various household surfaces, propping it up on pencils and pointing it at walls of various angles in an attempt to discover the best, wire-free method of amplifying its measly speakers. But it seems Loudbasstard have beaten me to it with their range of passive amplifiers.

 Gadizmo Loudbasstard

These gorgeous looking passive amplifiers are made from woven bamboo and rattan and come in a range of colors including teal, crimson, charcoal and my favourite, emerald. Due to the nature of bamboo and rattan, Loudbasstard amplifiers are sturdy, easy to clean and will boost the overall sound output of any smartphone or tablet without the need for extra wires, adapters or electricity in general!

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This Smartphone Dodges Government Surveillance — Reduces Tinfoil Budget

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When all of our personal information, pictures, and text messages are autonomously stored in the hard drives of our phones, we almost have no control over who has access to our classified material. Whether you know it or not, hackers are not the only people prying through our digital data, government agencies like NSA have long since established its dominant presence in our daily functions.


If you want to bypass the untraceable government monitoring on your mobile devices, a new phone will soon be out in the market that features an added privacy element. They call it the Blackphone, a smartphone specially designed to enable secure, encrypted communications, private browsing and secure file-sharing.

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Hands On: TaskOne is the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone Cases

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Paul Bunyan type “A” personalities and iPhone 5 and 5s owners rejoice, because the TaskOne multi-tool is here to ensure that cutting down a young tree limb and carving it into a bow for the Hunger Games requires nothing more than an iPhone case.


And you can open beers with it!

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Hands On: Phone Soap is a Fecal Matter Erasing Tanning Bed

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I come to you from a soapbox, not the normal height boosting crowd-pleaser but from a small tanning bed-like device, Phone Soap, made to blast away bacteria with UV lamps and simultaneously charge your phone.


This little guy is light and poised to give your smartphone a wicked tan with its four-minute UVC lamp work.

CNN, MSNBC, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, and even Fox News (so you know it’s the real deal, folks) have all featured and endorsed this little cure for the bacterial barrage that is many a person’s favorite communication device.

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World’s First Transparent Smartphone — Great, Now Can Someone Please Help Me Find My Phone?

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The wait for the world’s very first transparent smartphone might not be very long. Polytron Technologies, a Taiwanese global systems integration firm, has just unveiled a prototype that they hope to put in consumer’s hands by the end of 2013.

Taiwan firm unveils prototype of transparent cellphone

For years, Mac rumor mills having been churning out photo predictions of what the next iPhone model will look like and some of the most far fetched have been translucent. Polytron Technologies’ new smartphone seems slightly primitive by comparison, because it is still in the very early stages of development, but what they’ve come up with thus far seems promising.

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Pointless Luxury: Vertu’s New Smartphone Will Set You Back Nearly 20k

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Hand made in England – along with Bentleys and Aston Martins – the British luxury mobile phone maker Vertu has just released their latest smartphone called the Vertu Ti with an astounding $19,900 price tag.


I’ve been following what Vertu has been up to over the past half a decade or so and it seems as though they do one thing and one thing only: make cell phones for gazillionaires who enjoy status symbols. I first spotted a Vertu phone at a Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills in 2006 with a price tag that would make anyone’s mouth drop – around $5,000. One of the company’s most expensive models, the Signature Cobra, sold for a whopping $310,000 dollars.

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