Would Robot Strippers Arouse You?


There is absolutely no shame in admitting that you enjoy a good striptease from a robot, really. I mean who is to judge you for being turned-on by a pair of busty robotic pole dancers working the music to neon lights?


At the recent CeBIT expo in Hanover, German company Tobit Software demonstrated what would be the becomings of technology should engineers ever lose their minds by giving life to two pole dancing robots, named Lexy and Tess. To highlight the ongoing demand and fascination with tech devices and robots that go beyond their more accepted responsibilities, the software developer provided all those who walked by the company booth with a free show.

Believe it or not, the <sarcasm>highly erotic performance</sarcasm> is no different than what you’d expect from strip club, minus the natural, supple bodily curvatures of the female body of course. Grinding on the poles with some serious hip action, the ladybots moved with the rhythm of the beat, which was mixed together by a fellow robot DJ with a megaphone for a head.

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Smartphone Powered Lego Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube in Record Setting 3.253 Seconds [VIDEO]

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When it comes to geeky childhood nostalgia, Legos and a Rubik’s cube will always put a smile on your face. If you’re of the age that an iPad is your childhood nostalgia, this smartphone powered, Rubik’s cube solving, Lego robot will blow you away.


Today, at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, Cubestormer 3 became the fastest thing to ever solve a Rubik’s cube, in a mind boggling 3.253 seconds. That is faster than any human or robot in the history of ever.

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What if a Tiny Robotic Doctor Could Live Inside of Your Heart?

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We all know how difficult it is to see inside our own vital organs, but thanks to science that could be about to change.


Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed and tested a tiny device that is able to swim about inside you and provide real-time, three-dimensional imaging from inside the heart, coronary arteries and peripheral blood vessels.

Not only will it give surgeons of the future a better idea of what they’re doing when they’re fishing around inside your insides, it could even potentially clear patients’ clogged arteries without any major surgery whatsoever.

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VMX Project: Visual Artificial Intelligence for the Masses

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Imagine going into the kitchen at six in the morning, on a bleary Monday, and plodding heavy steps over to your trusty coffeemaker and having the Keurig see you enter its line of sight, recognize you, and ask, “Would you like coffee, Dave?”

“Yes, damn it, I’m standing in front of you because I want coffee,” says Dave.

And then the machine-turned-robot (via its software) acts and pours you a cup of caffeinated deliciousness.

This is not science fiction, folks. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming to the masses.

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This Virtual Set of Cheeks Will Save You From Being His First

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Everyone wants a doctor with experience but, when it comes to prostate exams, no one wants to be a practice dummy. Introducing Patrick, the virtual patient that takes clumsy rookie resident fingers so you don’t have to.


This embarrassingly compromised medical device is equipped with sensitive sensors that can measure where a person’s fingers are wandering inside of the unholiest of places and even measure how much pressure they are using to examine the very realistic goods.

I’m not sure practicing with Patrick truly prepares residents for the inevitable awkwardness, but the creators have also built a little small talk into the virtual patient’s software to make the real unpleasant experience easier for everyone when that day comes.

One of the development team members Dr. Benjamin Lok says the whole process reduces the high cost of training while still enabling the system to “provide a realistic encounter” to both prepare doctors and “reduce anxiety generating interactions.” Next time it happens to you (if it hasn’t, it will), take some comfort in knowing, it’s not exactly a picnic for the guy on the other end either.

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Carnegie Mellon’s CHIMP Robot is a Real Life Transformer

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Since I was a child of the 80’s, there has been speculation on when the cartoon Transformers would inspire real-life robotics experts to form a transforming bot, and Carnegie Mellon, competing for the $2m DARPA prize, has constructed the CHIMP to make dreams come true.


Part of the revolutionary university’s “Tartan Rescue” program gave birth to this robot that is capable of working on all four limbs with rotating treads as a tank, or climbing vertical ladders with its adept hands and Swiss-army-like knife parts (that can pop out of its arms and legs) as an ape-like being — or CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Platform (CHIMP).

This is not fiction, and this is not a cartoon.

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Robobees, Future Pollinators of the World?

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The steadily declining bee population has caused concern among many environmental scientists. Without bees, the earth’s very ecosystem could be in peril. Since 2009, however, three scientists have been researching a way to create man-made bees that can potentially take over the job of pollinating plants should the bee population disappear.


These Robobees, as they are lovingly called, will fly and even behave to some extent like actual bees.

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Pentagon’s Big Dog Robot Now Hurls Cinderblocks

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Well Skynet is certainly sitting in a dimly lit server room rubbing virtual hands together, because the future of mankind and robots is going forward, in force, with Boston Dynamic’s latest version of Big Dog, which happens to be very successfully hurling cinderblocks.


Boston Dynamic’s animal-based robot, the Cheetah, based off of Ray Bradbury’s terrifying apocalyptic firemen dog already held the title for the world’s fastest bot at eighteen miles per hour. Now these Red Sox superstars have built a fierce robot for the Pentagon called, aptly, Big Dog, and it is increasingly apparent that these inventors have to be huge fans of the book and/or movie Fahrenheit 451.

Keep your books safely hidden away or the Big Dog’ll get you!

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Grillbot: Clean Your Grill While You Eat

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If your grills’ cooktop looks like a botched batch of rock candy and you haven’t seen the shine of clean grates since you first purchased your grill so many summers ago, get your wallet ready for Grillbot.


Just toss Grillbot onto your grill, select light or deep clean, push the go button and this little gadget will have an average sized BBQ clean and ready to use in 5-7 minutes.

Now you can spend more time enjoying your day and less time watching your family and neighbors make funny faces when they bite into mysterious crunchy charred nuggets.

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InMoov: The DIY Humanoid Robot You Can Print From Home

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Some day soon we’ll be printing out our own life-size humanoid robot from home printers that, with minimal assembly, can be fully animated and respond to voice commands. Oh wait – that day is here. Introducing InMoov, an animated life sized robot with human features created by French sculptor and model maker Gael Langevin.


With a little bit of a DIY attitude, a little bit of money (about $800), some time on your hands, and a 3D printer InMoov can be yours just by pressing a ‘print’ button.

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