Geek Weekly: A Life-Size R2-D2 Fridge That Delivers

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Rarely has Geek Weekly ever seen a more amazing and legendary pinnacle of geekdom as the life-size, remote controlled, R2-D2 Fridge!


Our favorite droid from Star Wars is ready to bring you drinks.

This full size R2 unit has all the sounds and detailed architecture that we have come to love.

I am talking about beeps, bursts of emotional wurooo’s and swirlies, and blinking neon blue lights.

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Lily the World’s First Throw & Shoot Camera Drone with Brains

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Take a semi-autonomous brain, add an action camera, and an underwater capable drone, and you have the sweet and innocent sounding Lily.


For photographers and film directors needing key footage in an action sequence, Lily could be the next big thing.

But Beware!

Grim dystopic futures are often pivoting on pleasant sounding artificially intelligent beings, like HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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Robot Chef Makes Crab Bisque For Moley Robotics

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Imagine a robot that you can teach a cooking technique to, possibly after decades of perfecting a method, so that the robot chef perfectly emulates the human chef’s dish for all of time thereafter and you have the Moley Robotics cooking revolution.


The robot chef consists of two arms and a customized kitchen built to cook from scratch in.

But can it really cook?

Well the little culinary bot perfectly constructed a delicious crab bisque in less than a half hour using the exact technique of Tim Anderson, winner of 2011’s MasterChef TV show in the U.K.

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$50 Drone Flies Cheap: U818A Quadcopter with Camera

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The drone craze has made camera wielding fliers come way down in price, and the UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera RTF Mode 2 boasts a $50.45 tag.


Though Amazon considers this a toy, you need not!

For anyone, albeit a curious kid that has outgrown paper airplanes to physics instructors to anyone needing a great gift, the U818A drone flies cheap and flies high.

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Meet Sawyer The Trainable One-armed Robot

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Rethink Robotics has spawned a new wave of semi-autonomous robots for conducting industrial tasks that require extreme precision, and they call him or her Sawyer.


The one-armed bot has an Intera 3 software platform for a brain and a tablet-like screen as its face.

Seeing it move and interact with projects is truly amazing and somewhat awe-inspiring.

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PLEN2 Robot is World’s First Printable Open-source Humanoid

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The world’s first 3D printable robot is here, and armies of the crafty open source PLEN2 will no doubt push humanity into a bright (and possibly creepy) future, walking hand in hand with humanoids.


By providing the software and specs, anyone with a 3D printer can fully customize their own PLEN2 bots.

You do not even have to buy the assembled PLEN2 or the assembly kit full of its parts (or have Top Secret level clearance).

What do you need to play the role of the Creator sans all knowledge of robotics?

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Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition Adds a Robot

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Take the highly successful Borderlands series last two game installments, recreate them in high definition, and throw in a limited Claptrap, and you have one hell of a robot connoisseur’s holy grail in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition.


Am I dreaming?

Wait, what’s that they’re saying over at Gearbox?

Introducing the CL4P-TP steward robot, from your friends at Hyperion! 

Claptrap is officially real and is rolling into walls courtesy of your own remote control ClaptrApp App.

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Look Up The Autonomous, Swarming, Nano Drone ZANO is Here!

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The Zano drone is built ready to film in HD from an aerial assault from an affordable price point of less than two hundred quid (169.95 in the U.K.).


Let the autonomous swarming drone spy games begin!

We have all been there: one of you is the black spy, the other the white spy, and your game of ‘hide and go seek out and destroy the heinous enemy spy with your Nerf gun’ has stymied, because you cannot find your target.

They are too quick, too sneaky, and their ability to climb trees gives them a distinct advantage (you do not climb trees for fear of getting stuck like a cat . . . again).

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Mousr: An Intelligent Robot For Your Cat To Hunt

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Kickstarter has launched another must have product in the semi-autonomous Mousr robot that mimics a mouse’s reaction to invoke the hunt in your cats.


Meeeeow, that is heaven (for a kitty)!

Wow, it looks like engineers have been watching Speedy Gonzalez and improving upon the windup mouse diversion.

Mousr is the first robotic cat toy that can see and react to a cat’s movements just like real prey . . . think Pinky with a brain.

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Meet Edison the Programmable LEGO Compatible Robot

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As a kid and as a grown up kid, Edison the ridiculously affordable robot, with its free open source software and its compatibility to build with all-things LEGO is a dream come true.


Microbric has truly become a champion of the people!

The Kickstarter has 14 days to go and already been funded with $45,128 over it’s $20K goal.

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