Geek Weekly: Walking Dead Michonne’s Sword Letter Opener Set

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The mother of all letter openers and comic/TV Memorabilia is here in the Walking Dead Michonne’s Sword Letter Opener Set!

While the post office continues to function in the wake of the zombie apocalypse, one must be ready with a handy weapon that doubles as a letter opener.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds [Inscription above the entrance to the New York City Post Office on 8th Avenue].

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Phree Yourself & Write Virtually Anywhere with Mobile Input Device

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One mobile input pen to rule them all, and it is clearly the Phree device that allows for penning words and drawings on nearly any surface and instantly shoots them to an electronic device.


For a writer, the Phree is a godsend.

More and more studies are coming out to say that the physical act of writing does different things in the brain’s synapses and thus creations done with an old fashioned pen prove a more viable platform for many creative minds.

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Geek Weekly: Game of Thrones Iron Throne Bookend!

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In an unprecedented display of power and triumph over other bookshelves, the Game of Thrones Bookend resembles the Iron Throne atop a stage with all fourteen house crests, and with its gargantuan polystone make it is the one sure way to have your library reign as king or queen over all.


The Game of Thrones Bookend stands alone . . . literally!

Because there can only be one Iron Throne in George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire fantasy book series (now turned HBO series Game of Thrones phenom), this bookend does not come in a pair. You get one nearly four pound incredibly detailed throne to let your books sit on, or up against at least, as they reign supreme in Westeros.

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Join Keyboard Nerdom with Breaking Bad, Iron Man Keycaps

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Smash your keyboard on the desk a few times and let the old keys clatter lifelessly to the ground, because the metal Iron Man and the Breaking Bad keycaps will need empty slots to upgrade a traditional typing tool to the key to the city of Nerdom!


DO NOT ATTEMPT THE SMASHING (you are not the Hulk).

Geekkeys specialize in beautifully brushed aluminum key covers and replacement keys to deck out the word shaping inventions into something infinitely more Infinity War-like (with the Avengers key in particular).

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Cree’s LN Smart Fixtures Rewrite Rules For Light

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Now I know what you are saying: the Cree LN series of Smart LED lighting fixtures are evidence of moving into an advanced future like that of the Kree Empire’s from the Marvel Universe.


It would be hard to argue that point (except that this ‘Cree’ has nothing to do with Marvel’s ‘Kree’).

The often too dim or painfully bright, harsh light of office fluorescents has remained in the Dark Ages in terms of technological advances up until the Cree LN.

Cree’s suspended LED tubes are similar to fluorescent counterparts but their aesthetic is sleek and eye pleasing in their semi-translucent wing, or spoiler-like, assembly.

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Reusable Paper Notebook Rocketbook Sends Notes To Cloud

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This Rocketbook allows you to write with pen on paper and instantly upload the handwritten pages to the cloud.


Can I get a Hallelujah?

For anyone who values and relies on paper to read and write, the Rocketbook – a product of genius – is sure to become essential.

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Nothing But Air Needed To Raise Standing/Sitting TableAir Desk

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The Star Trek Enterprise of office adjustable “standing and sitting” desks is here in the TableAir.


Push a button and hold your hand at the level you want the TableAir’s motors to seamlessly bring the desk to.

Hubah, hubah, hubah! This desk is sleek, sexy, and packing enough tech to do a moon launch.

And it takes little more than a hand in the air to operate, though smartphone programming for your own remote controlled adjustable desk comes with her too.

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Remove All Cable Entanglements with Soba the Sliced Bread of Wiring

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Think back on the time spent trying to re-organize that tangled nest of wires from your home or office system, think of the failure, and get ready for the Soba’s revolutionary system for wiring cleanly.


Use Soba’s ortex tubing to easily tie, add, and subtract cables.

What is it exactly? Soba is a zippable sheaf used to hold your myriad wires for power supplies, your bevy of HDMI and other visual/audio cables (dare I say three-wire component) in a streamlined, sharp looking Vortex tube.

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Geek Weekly: An Illuminated Playable Rubik’s Cube Lamp!

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I would not kid about such a seriously awesome thing, folks, the enlarged Rubik’s Cube Lamp is completely playable!


Want your office cube (pun intended) to stand out? Want the workers throughout the building and from across the dusty Manhattan pavement to come to marvel at and try to defeat, much to their chagrin, your mysterious Rubik’s Cube Lamp as it glows ominously in their hands as though it were powered by radioactive materials?

I think you can tell, I do.

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Pocket Printer: Putting the Power of Printing in the Palm of Your Hand

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What’s that? You’re stuck in the middle of no where and need to print off an important document? Never fear, Zuta Labs’ Pocket Printer is here!

Gadizmo Pocket Printer

The Israeli team of engineering students at the Jerusalem College of Technology have recently secured financial backing through Kickstarter for the release of the novel printing device to the paying public in 2015.

That’s right, sometime in the near future your briefcase may be the home to a pocket sized inkjet printer. So how does it perform?

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