Stand Desk – Motorized Sit-To-Stand for Under $400

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I’m lucky enough that I can earn a living sitting at my desk all day, but at the same time, it sucks and I know it’s killing me. Thanks to Steven Yu and Kickstarter, I should be sitting and standing to my heart’s delight in just a few short months.


The Stand Desk is the first affordable motorized sit-to-stand workspace to hit the market and the best part is, it isn’t a big hulking ugly abomination.

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This Seven Person Tricycle Costs More Than Some New Cars

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It can accommodate seven adults, features dual independent hydraulic brake systems, has Porsche engineered rack and pinion steering, an internal dynamo that powers two headlights, and it will set you back $20,000.


Handmade in Germany, this three wheeled abomination has been designed to encourage social interaction and facilitate team building during rolling meetings for big-name clients such as Cirque du Soleil and Google.

How do you decide who gets to drive? If you have any chance of me getting on this thing, I better at least get to drive. The problem is, that’s exactly what the other six people are thinking and you know Bill the overly enthusiastic project manager gets the only steering wheel every time – friggin Bill.

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Gesture: The Greatest Chair Ever Made

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In the 20th and not the 21st century, there have been international and private races to space, but not many people know of the race to create the perfect chair. While technology evolves, simultaneously the world around us must be adjusted, and this includes our furniture.


When Victorian women didn’t have a place to faint, because their corsets were too tight, someone had the bright idea of building a specially designed fainting couch. In the 1950s Charles and Ray Eames were tasked to create a number of office chairs to meet the demands of life after wartime. And then came the Aeron chair, which was 94% recyclable and met the demand of the computer age. Now comes Gesture, a chair designed specifically for the smart device and tablet age.

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Don’t Just Keep Your Coffee Warm, Make it Hot

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Is there anything worse than a tepid cup of coffee? Probably but, how can one be expected to achieve peak performance after a long commute leaves them with lukewarm coffee?


You spend a fortune on the best beans and high end brewing stations only to have your delicious fuel ruined by the soul crushing blight that is rush hour traffic. The best option is probably to find a new job closer to home but, when that’s not an option, the Hot Rod Heated mug will keep your java hot for as long as it takes.

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Geek Weekly: Death Star Tea Infuser & More at the Star Wars Celebration 6

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If you love ThinkGeek and their innovative Star Wars products, then you have to see what they have just unveiled at their booth at the Star Wars Celebration 6!

If you happen to be attending the Celebration in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center, then the Ewok is probably already out of the bag, but at Booth #303, ThinkGeek is presenting a number of must-have collectibles, toys, and even eatery gear.

Now who among you would not want to douse your tea using a Death Star Tea Infuser and shout “initiating primary function” while doing so? It’s less than twenty bucks, and is a must have, because as you know the emperor prefers earl grey.

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Geek Weekly: Blik Wall Decals Recreate Super Mario Bros. & Donkey Kong

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Nintendo has partnered with the geniuses over at Blik Wall Decals to offer up huge wall covering reusable decals based on the 8-bit graphics from the original NES version of Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. and other retro video games.

That’s right, Mario can hop on those Koopas from floor to ceiling in the office, the bedroom, or the mancave!

The Blik Re-Stik decals are HUGE and come with an abundance of room-dousing materials from classics like Centipede, Mega Man, Asteroids, and even a newer treasure of 3D-2D coin play from Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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Secret Spy Gear: Annoy-a-tron ON SALE 2 for 1!

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You are lucky if ten dollars is enough to grab a coffee and a donut, but it is sufficient to pickup a tiny magnetic, high-pitched beeping spy device, such as the ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron.

We reported on this beautiful item some years back, but now it is on sale for a limited time, Buy One Get One Free!

What is the Annoy-a-tron you ask (with morbid curiosity and devilishly cunning thoughts)? ThinkGeek’s piece of customized spy gear is a tiny computer board set up with a speaker that generates a short (but very annoying, hence the name) beep every few minutes.

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Star Trek Electronic Door Chime Marks Futuristic Doorway Bell

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The sounds of the 23rd Century have imparted themselves on the likes of our own contemporary doors with the Swoosh of an Enterprise door, or a Red Alert siren sounding once someone crosses the doorway of the officially licensed Star Trek Electronic Door Chime!

Picture the cubicle all but secured via your troll army except at the inevitable opening. Since you cubicle-fortress has no door, there is nothing to stand in the way of your boss simply slipping past the guard and eavesdropping on your Facebook chat. That is unless a Star Trek RED ALERT siren sounds off as soon as the pink tie crosses the cubicle gate’s threshold!

How does this science fiction become reality, you ask?

Well the communicator clone has a motion sensor that detects whenever someone walks through the doorway (genius).

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Tick Tock, Here’s the Gorgeous Manifold Clock

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Figuring out the time has come a long way since the days of waiting for the clouds to part to read a sundial. It seems that a new Kickstarter project might have taken inspiration from that age-old device as a gorgeous new way to tell the time.

Meet the Manifold Clock. Created by a team in Tel Aviv, Israel, this gadget aims to encapsulate the ever-changing concept of time.

The silent hands, powered by a single AA battery, are connected to a clock by a piece of Tyvek fabric. As they tick, they cause the fabric to twist and bend in space, changing the clock’s appearance every 60 seconds and turning the concept of time into a three-dimensional reality.

Based on a combination of modern design, simple mechanics and the principle of the Riemann surface, the clock is a fascinating spin on the traditional timepiece. It’s all about perspective, and how we visualize time and space as it changes.

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Rubber Duck USB Speaker


What is sexier than a rechargeable portable speaker that produces vastly gorgeous bass and treble tones for twenty bones? How about one that comes in the form of a classic rubber ducky!

I am not quacking you, folks. The Disco Duck Speaker is here to float to the top of the audio-pond echelon.

Meander into the corporate headquarters, find the corner office, sit down to take a draught of a Colombian brewed java, and prepare to start working vociferously; but wait!

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