SpeechJammer Gun Silences Talkers

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The technological advancements storming out of Japan now include two researchers’ methods for building a conversation ending SpeechJammer gun.

Imagine the board room meeting droning on for hours on end, and the very second a couple of the corporate clowns bend their heads down to joke with one another at a whisper (so that they can placate themselves and not lose their sanity in such a dry environment) the director points a radar gun-like device at them and – BAM – silences them instantly.

The device created by Kazutaka Kurihara, from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tskuba, and Koji Tsukada, at Ochanomizu University is not science fiction. On the other hand, it is simple, easy to engineer, and fully functional. It can stop people from talking in mid-sentence.

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Load Sites 4X times FASTER and Stop Being TRACKED Online with Do Not Track Plus

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We are watching you! Stop Google, Facebook, and every other servant to advertisers from collecting your personal information now!

The cameras are on, the eyes in the painting move to follow us as we traipse about the bedroom, and even our search – for which movie won’t tank on Rotten Tomatoes – is being recorded.

Then it is being scrutinized and put into information banks by browsers, search engines, social media sites, and anyone else that has advertising ads online.

Does this sound like science fiction, or a 1984 time descended upon us upon us in the twenty-first century?

This is the state of many countries around the world, including the US, where there are no laws protecting Internet users from surrendering personal information.

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iPod Maker’s Thinking Thermostat puts Nest back in the Home

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Energy is something that everyone has to struggle to think about daily, because of wasted fuel and high costs, but what if it did not have to be that way? What if the heating and cooling brain in the consumer’s living space, the thermostat, could program itself?

Welcome warmly, or coolly depending on the weather, the Nest Lab’s newest creation:  the Nest!

The new company from Tony Fadell, the designer for eighteen iPods at Apple, launches the sexy wall item, the Nest Learning Thermostat, in November for $249.

The Nest, for all intensive purposes, thinks about how the user likes their temperature. All that is required is for the energy-minded to continue to turn the thermostat up and down according to when they leave the home, or go to sleep, or the seething summer heat requires A/C, or the frigid pre-November snow asks for more warmth ASAP.

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Riddle Me This Facebook Messenger App

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When did the societal socialization of the human species go from talking to texting (vocal-chords not required) to instant messenger via touchscreen-happy smartphone?

September 1st was the day.

Facebook Messenger has long been a trick to the trade of up keeping various friendships, regardless of busy schedules, contrasting time zones, and imposing work queues. The free “Facebook Messenger” App mobilizes the instant messenger everyone is using incessantly!

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Roku 2 XS Streams Superior TV & Netflix with Angry Birds Included!

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Streaming has been revolutionized again!

The Roku 2 XS is the newest TV streaming component to hit the shelves this month, and Roku, the original device company for Netflix, has spared no expense.

When it comes to TVs and you–the consumer’s–system, folks, small and thin is sexy.

Roku has beautifully crafted their newest streaming device to rival the Apple TV, but at a cost of less than ninety-nine dollars. And it is smooth, silky black, and shaped to be roughly the thickness and overall size of a hockey puck.

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Ease Those Shark Week Withdrawals With Hungry Shark

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Waiting on endless summer lines at the ice cream shop have never been so bloody, or so filling, as they are with the “Hungry Shark Part Three” App being handy.

The third installment in Future Games of London’s hit “Hungry Shark” series offers up a fun way to get out any frustration on the iPhone or Droid. Simply fire up the free “Hungry Shark Part Three” App, and let the tilt-a-phone touchscreen controls guide a great white to chomping onto anything that could resemble food from a shark’s point of view (and this includes people, folks).

The intuitive game controls allow phone tilting to move the vicious-looking shark about in the water, as it scours the floor for scampering crabmeat, or the surface for bikini-clad appetizers. The gameplay takes a little getting used to, and care is needed because the great white can be beached, which will slow down the toothy predator and hurt its health.

The “Hungry Shark Part Three” App’s HD graphics are beautiful. The animated people that haphazardly run away, the vitreous water backgrounds, and the baby white shark that grows into a gargantuan great white, after consuming a steady diet of swimmers and sea creatures, are all impressive to the eye.

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Travel Smart with the Cheaphotels 2011 Budget Hotel Report

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Many of us love to travel, but who has the money to stay in a hotel these days with budgets being what they are (I am not talking to you, Congressmen)? The smart travelers who utilize the site Cheaphotels.org do.

The geniuses at Cheaphotels study the pricing trends of 2 and 2.5 star hotels, so that you, the consumer, can benefit from a decent night’s stay in an actual hotel (flee-bag motels and bed-buggy alleyways are left out of this site’s database). And remember people, vacations or hotel gift certificates make excellent gifts!

With the Summer 2011 Budget Hotel Report, the ridiculously easy-to-use Cheaphotels system has compiled a guide to pricing the thirty top August destinations in the US.

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Should I Store EVERYTHING on Cloud? And what exactly is Cloud, anyway?

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The word “Cloud” keeps popping up everywhere in the computing world, and out of it, and it is not in reference to the weather, people!

As a rumored disc-drive-less MacBook Pro (Techland) from Apple has just surfaced, I felt it about time to sort out the infamous “Cloud” that Apple, Google, and Amazon seem to be forcing upon us, the consumer.

The “Cloud” is actually not that hard to wrap your head around; simply put, it is a virtual hard drive for data on the Internet.

What does that mean? Well, using the “Amazon Cloud Drive” as an example, users can upload any files (for example: documents, pictures, mp3 music, e-books, and videos) from the computer hard drive to the “Cloud” virtual drive online.

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ThermaCELL Lantern Repels Mosquitoes


The geniuses over at ThermaCELL have come up with an amazing device that lights the way (pun intended here, people) toward a fun outdoor experience:  the Mosquito Repelling Outdoor Lantern scares away the bugs!

This incredibly small and light lantern’s base fits in the palm of the hand, yet provides enormously bright LED-powered light while it deters insects for a 15 x 15 foot radius.

Does it work?  Well, yes it does!

This lantern is small, gives off a good amount of light on my deck but is not overbearing and is the best thing that I have ever witnessed for getting rid of the vampire-sickly mosquitoes and their friends.

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Google Places Places Everything So Easily


There are no programs that find useful things around you like this!  “Google Places” is INCREDIBLE!

Many Apps, for many quote-unquote smart phones, offer up the locations of various (let’s call them) places around the user’s location.  Thumb up the App and watch as cheap Gas Stations, even cheaper Restaurants and enticing Attractions form on the screen and supposedly guide the user accurately toward their limitless potential offerings.

They do not do it anywhere near as well as the powerhouse Google and the new “Google Places” App.

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