Pizza is Coming! With One Push of Click’N’Pizza Button

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It’s Friday night, and the pizza delivery is on the way thanks to one push of the magical Click’N’Pizza Button!

Throw out your old-fashioned paper menu and your outdated pizza magnet for the newest and brightest technological advance since the wheel:  the La Comanda Click’N’Pizza Button.

Stick this little circular screen magnet to your fridge and press the button to order.

It is that simple.

The thrilling and often chaotic life as a writer in need of the steamy and savory perfection known as New York pizza – or just pizza for those of you from elsewhere, folks – leaves little time to go through the wallet and call, queue up the cash, and tip the pizza man.

With the Click’N’Pizza all that is needed is to order the Button your way.

Each Click’N’Pizza Button is custom-made to contain your payment information, address, and your four favorite orders, of course.

Simply spin the iPod-like dial around the screen to choose another combination of chicken and pineapple, or simply push the button once for your standard, tried, and true meatball fair.

The order will hit the local shop and the order will be bought and paid for and delivered!

Pizza Hut is already on board to have their own Click’N’Pizza Buttons all over the US, and more pizza parlors are sure to follow as the revolution takes hold.

Too often the Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is kicking in and prying the cracking fingers from the keyboard and then into the motion of dialing on a phone, let alone pulling cash tender or heavy plastic credit cards from the leather billfold, cause me to seize up and prevent the final rewarding process of opening up the pizza box and breathing in the deliciousness (before chowing down).

But for now, the pain of pizza ordering can be forgotten thanks to the Click’N’Pizza Button.

Winter is coming! Wait, no, that’s Martin’s Game of Thrones.

Push that button and watch as the Click’N’Pizza Button says:

Pizza is coming!

Geek Weekly: Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set

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This Geek Weekly author is humbled to present a thoroughly exquisite sushi dining experience in . . . the Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set.


Sushi bars or raw fish enthusiasts should not be without this!

Set it on your table, and it looks like a mid-warp U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 on a wooden base.

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PancakeBot Printer Makes World’s First Eiffel Tower Pancake

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Rejoice, oh breakfast gods, for the PancakeBot is here and batter printed Eiffel Tower pancakes have been unleashed unto the world!


Take a logo, a historic piece of intricate architecture, an origami snowflake, and make pancakes out of them with this combination 3D batter printer and griddle (yes, that’s included too, folks) robot setup.

This is not a joke. The batter is not included, despite baseball season looming, but again, this is not a joke. PancakeBot is real.

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Remove All Cable Entanglements with Soba the Sliced Bread of Wiring

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Think back on the time spent trying to re-organize that tangled nest of wires from your home or office system, think of the failure, and get ready for the Soba’s revolutionary system for wiring cleanly.


Use Soba’s ortex tubing to easily tie, add, and subtract cables.

What is it exactly? Soba is a zippable sheaf used to hold your myriad wires for power supplies, your bevy of HDMI and other visual/audio cables (dare I say three-wire component) in a streamlined, sharp looking Vortex tube.

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Haven’s Smarter Door Lock Puts the Deadbolt to Rest

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The smart TV, the smartphone, the smart (or stupid) motion action X-box, the smart thermostat, and yes, even the smart deadbolt all pale in comparison to the Haven’s “smarter” door lock in terms of home safety.


The perpetrator subtly popped the front door’s deadbolt with ease, and then he was in. The house and all of its domestic treasures, a vintage 1964 Godzilla action figure that guarded an Amazing Spiderman # 21 comic book encased in UV protective plastic, was ripe for the picking.

It seems that one of the other prevalent ways that a break-in occurs is with the simple kicking in of the door. Who knew?

Regardless of how smart the home security alarm or even deadbolt is, none of these systems can prevent the actually battering down of the building’s door.

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Avantconcept’s AirBulb – Let There Be Light, and Sound, and Bluetooth


You know what I was thinking the other day? “Gee, I wish there was some way I could combine the endless joy of light bulbs with my deep-seated interest in alarm clocks.”


A moment of honesty: I was joking about that last sentence. But Hong Kong based engineering team Avantconcept are dead serious about their AirBulb which – I kid you not – combines a standard LED light bulb with a speaker.

That’s right boys and girls, it’s a lightbulb with a speaker in it.

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SnapRays DIY Guidelight — No Wiring, No Batteries, No Electrician Required

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Nightlights burn out, break, take up a valuable outlet slot, and have style that reeks of Grandma’s house. You could go with hardwired guide lights but, unless you know what you’re doing, you’re going to be paying a professional $100/hr to get you a look that isn’t all that much better.

Introducing, SnapRays, the outlet-cover-replacing-nightlight that installs in just seconds.


SnapRays are designed to look just like your standard style outlet cover but, unlike a standard cover, this stealthy gadget comes equipped with three barely noticeable LED’s to provide stylish light when it gets dark. The best part is, if you can use a screwdriver, you can do it yourself!

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Feed Boba Fett To the Star Wars Sarlacc In Your Toilet


If you are feeling brave in your bathroom, then attempt to save Lando Carlissian from suffering the same fate as Boba Fett and falling prey to the infamous pit of Sarlacc In Your Toilet.


“Boba Fett, where?” Han Solo yelled in blind exasperation.

And with that Han accidentally bumps into Mr. Fett’s jetpack and pitches him into the oddly feminine pit. The galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter and badass dies – not by being cut into shreds by a raging Skywalker laser sword, but like a little bitch.

The desert monster opens its . . . self . . . and swallows Boba Fett with a satisfying burp for good measure.

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Time to Ridicule Squirrels – They Had it Coming

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I bet you didn’t know squirrels mate twice a year, have sweat glands on their feet, and are highly intelligent rodents. No, you didn’t because people don’t like squirrels. Why would you? They are arrogant and pompous — it’s about time they were humbled.


Chew through the roof of my garage, dig holes in the yard, eat all of the seed out of the birdfeeder and then just sit and stare with that cold grey smug face? Look who’s laughing now.

This won’t be the typical longwinded article describing a bunch of cool specs and stats… it’s a horse head squirrel feeder. The squirrel puts its head in – looks like a horse – get it?

Does anyone know PETA’s stance on ridiculing animals?

[via OhGizmo]

Molten Aluminum + Ant Hill = Art

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It’s an interesting day for nature based art and a terrible day to be an ant.


Anthillart uses the natural voided structure of an ant colony as a typical sand cast for a sculpture-creating, ant-murdering, liquid aluminum hell. After the molten metal hardens, ‘Art’ simply digs up the mold, hoses off the dirt, and scrubs off some ant legs to reveal the final product.

Once you get past the fact that this is the grownup version of torturing bugs with a magnifying glass, the intricate results are inspiring. It should be noted that Anthillart does prefer abandoned nests but, doesn’t seem all that picky. Don’t judge, you probably use pesticides in your own yard.

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