Geek Weekly: Darth Vader Toaster Imbues the Dark Side of the Toast

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Heat up your bagels and fulfill the Dark Side of the toast … literally with the official Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster.


The new film is not even out yet, and Darth’s helmet returns!

We are talking about a nearly life-size Darth Vader helmet cut open at the top to admit two multi-grain baguettes for heating, toasting, or – using Sith lightning, perhaps – charring the toast to your most edible of states.

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Geek Weekly: Game of Thrones Iron Throne Bookend!

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In an unprecedented display of power and triumph over other bookshelves, the Game of Thrones Bookend resembles the Iron Throne atop a stage with all fourteen house crests, and with its gargantuan polystone make it is the one sure way to have your library reign as king or queen over all.


The Game of Thrones Bookend stands alone . . . literally!

Because there can only be one Iron Throne in George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire fantasy book series (now turned HBO series Game of Thrones phenom), this bookend does not come in a pair. You get one nearly four pound incredibly detailed throne to let your books sit on, or up against at least, as they reign supreme in Westeros.

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kSafe Stays Closed Until You Meet Your Goal

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Do not fret over hiding the cookie jar from hungry minions again, because the kSafe is here to add willpower and this smart safe will not open until you have reached the connected app’s goal.


Can you override the lock before doing the time, distance, or location-based goal?

Nope! Sorry but your iPhone or your Droid has just commandeered your safe and the only thing that will get your precious out and into your hand, gollum, is completing the mission you set.

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Uknekt Petfeeder Remotely Communicates & Spies On Pets

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In a campaign that will surely bring the remote spying capabilities of governments everywhere home to us all, there is now a pet watching, communicating, and listening smart device called the Uknekt Petfeeder.


A motion sensor alerts you to your pets’ movements.

Keep ‘em watered, keep ‘em fed, and if one (25 pound) cat named Cosmo starts to push Khaleesi (a normal sized kitten) out of the way for more than his fair share of food, then yell at him through the Uknekt’s built-in speaker system!

After all, our cats, our dogs, our iguanas are our family, so why wouldn’t we want to communicate via creepy audio like the voice of god, feed them, or video spy on them when we are away from home?

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Planty Smart Pot Monitors & Waters Plants For You

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Planty lets you water your plants from anywhere via an app on your smartphone and a water distribution system in the smart pot.


Wow! The world will now don far less neglected (and dead) house plants!

On a personal note, there has never been an app to completely and utterly transform my life in a such a revolutionary way, because everything I have ever attempted to grow in my life has either been too watered down or not watered nearly enough and died an untimely death.

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Pizza is Coming! With One Push of Click’N’Pizza Button

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It’s Friday night, and the pizza delivery is on the way thanks to one push of the magical Click’N’Pizza Button!


Throw out your old-fashioned paper menu and your outdated pizza magnet for the newest and brightest technological advance since the wheel:  the La Comanda Click’N’Pizza Button.

Stick this little circular screen magnet to your fridge and press the button to order.

It is that simple.

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Geek Weekly: Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set

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This Geek Weekly author is humbled to present a thoroughly exquisite sushi dining experience in . . . the Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set.


Sushi bars or raw fish enthusiasts should not be without this!

Set it on your table, and it looks like a mid-warp U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 on a wooden base.

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PancakeBot Printer Makes World’s First Eiffel Tower Pancake

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Rejoice, oh breakfast gods, for the PancakeBot is here and batter printed Eiffel Tower pancakes have been unleashed unto the world!


Take a logo, a historic piece of intricate architecture, an origami snowflake, and make pancakes out of them with this combination 3D batter printer and griddle (yes, that’s included too, folks) robot setup.

This is not a joke. The batter is not included, despite baseball season looming, but again, this is not a joke. PancakeBot is real.

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Remove All Cable Entanglements with Soba the Sliced Bread of Wiring

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Think back on the time spent trying to re-organize that tangled nest of wires from your home or office system, think of the failure, and get ready for the Soba’s revolutionary system for wiring cleanly.


Use Soba’s ortex tubing to easily tie, add, and subtract cables.

What is it exactly? Soba is a zippable sheaf used to hold your myriad wires for power supplies, your bevy of HDMI and other visual/audio cables (dare I say three-wire component) in a streamlined, sharp looking Vortex tube.

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Haven’s Smarter Door Lock Puts the Deadbolt to Rest

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The smart TV, the smartphone, the smart (or stupid) motion action X-box, the smart thermostat, and yes, even the smart deadbolt all pale in comparison to the Haven’s “smarter” door lock in terms of home safety.


The perpetrator subtly popped the front door’s deadbolt with ease, and then he was in. The house and all of its domestic treasures, a vintage 1964 Godzilla action figure that guarded an Amazing Spiderman # 21 comic book encased in UV protective plastic, was ripe for the picking.

It seems that one of the other prevalent ways that a break-in occurs is with the simple kicking in of the door. Who knew?

Regardless of how smart the home security alarm or even deadbolt is, none of these systems can prevent the actually battering down of the building’s door.

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