Hands On Review: the Striking Sound of Polk’s Striker ZX

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Xbox One gamers, the Striker ZX full immersion gaming headset has broken onto the scene with the terrific sound you come to expect from the legendary audio gurus at Polk.


It might be in the home, it might be in the office building with the doors closed, but either way you are uncovering the secret cabinet drawer and booting up an Xbox One to play a multi-player F.P.S. and go ballistic on your friends and colleagues.

There is only one problem: you need to yell taunts (or obscenities) at your buddies, and you want to hear the gameplay without alerting the sleeping toddler or office manager in the next room.

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G-Pad Plus iPhone Equals Retro Gaming Console

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A man has a dream: one day all of the glorious three-decade sum of Nintendo’s exclusive video games will play on a cell phone, and GBA4iOS in conjunction with the G-PAD have done just that!


Fire up the Super Nintendo (SNES) Super Marioland on your iPhone. I could stop the article right there. There is nothing to sell here. We all want Mario and Luigi and Yoshii rescuing the Princess from Bowser on our phones and GBA4iOS gives it to us for free.

A streamlined emulator called GBA4iOS will bring many side-scrolling favorites, like the original NES Mario Bros. and Sega’s Sonic to the phone at no cost and without the need to illegally jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch.

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Would You Buy A Cheap Portable N64?

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Bungle has created an ingenious portable gaming phenom that is a modded Nintendo 64 playing your beloved N64 games.


I’m talking, GoldenEye, Mario 64, Donkey Kong Country… anywhere! Think of the lunch breaks, hell think of the lunch meetings.

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Hyperkin’s Five-in-one Retron 5 Console is a Retro Gaming Dream Come True


Whether you’re the proud owner of a new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, the creator of a high flying gaming PC, or a humble mobile gamer, chances are you’re still a sucker for some good ol’ retro gaming: enter the Hyperkin Retron 5.

Gadizmo Reton 5 Hyperkin

This strange beast of a console showed up at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show 2014 where its creator and manufacturer Hyperkin showed off a finalized model. The Retron 5 has been in the works for some time and will succeed the popular Retron 3 model which merged three retro consoles into one – a machine that Hyperkin hope to champion in every was possible.

Sporting not one, not two, but five separate cartridge slots, the Retron 5 is able to play thousands of original retro videogames for the Nintendo Entertainment System, the SNES, the Game Boy Advance, the Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive and the Japanese exclusive Nintendo Famicom.

But that’s not even the best part.

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The Tactical Utility That Brings Virtual Combat Gaming To Life


Nothing beats the excitement and adrenaline-pumping action you get from playing combat games like Call of Duty, but imagine if there was a way to capture some of the video game and factor it into paintball or airsoft wars in real life. That is exactly what the developers of Project Overwatch, Josh Moody and his father David Moody, have tried to do with their resourceful smartphone app Overwatch.


The app allows users to locate their opponents, communicate with teammates via Live Voice Chat, and send out panic signals during times of distress, along with a list of very helpful, and downright awesome, stratagem features.

Players can download the free app onto their iPhones, and witness what it feels like to be one with the game. Making use of data transmissions and GPS spotting on mobile devices, Overwatch tracks and identifies what other players are doing in relation to you. When it is paired with the level of action on the paintball or airsoft field, you can expect game time to be even more exhilarating and a different kind of operation.

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Hands On: All-In-One MOGA Ace Power iPhone Game Controller

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As a longtime iPhone fan and owner (of numerous models), it never ceased to amaze that Apple did not have a good gaming controller that they endorsed for their powerful product, but that time has passed in the wonderment that is the MOGA Ace Power!


If I sound a little over the top, remember that I have been playing Ms. Pacman in all of her vintage arcade ghost-eating-glory with a virtual, touchscreen joystick. Ms. Pacman NEEDS a real joystick (as I pointed out here with Gaming on the Phone: JOYSTICK-IT).

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Comrad Gaming Helmet — Let the Ridicule Begin!

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I’m in my mid-thirties and I still game, there I said it. Now that I have a kid I don’t have the pleasure of butt numbing 8 hour sessions but, when I do, I still get into it. I know that I look and sound like a crazy person wearing my headset yelling out what sounds like the bizarre one sided conversation of a war torn mad man (that special look in wife’s eye reminds me) but, at least I’m not wearing a helmet.


If you’re the kind of person that changes into military surplus fatigues as part of your Call of Duty ritual, the Comrad gaming helmet is the next logical step into full first person immersion.

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Moga Controllers Charge Phones & Tablets While Beaming Games To the TV

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For those who are addicted to Candy Crush, Tetris, or Angry Birds, game up without the battery dying on you anytime soon, or the tiny screen striking you blind, because Moga’s newest Pro controller is your Hero.


Forget the puns, who would not want to carry around an adept, ergonomically superior Moga game controller to charge the phone?

Charge and play, play and charge.

Gaming Trend’s “Best New Hardware Winner E3” went to two of the best and brightest phone and tablet game controllers of Moga, the Hero and the Pro, that take advantage of the Android platform’s array of games while charging the devices and sending video to the TV.

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The Emperor 200: For The Evil Dictator or Avid Gamer In You

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If you want to spend your days resembling a comic book villain trying to take over the world, than this elaborate, scorpioid workstation if for you. Brought to us by Canadian company Modern Work Environment Lab, the Emperor 200 is the most sophisticated workstation ever made.


The workstation was designed to get actual work done with the utmost élan, with specifications that include an air filtration system, light therapy, and an electric powered leather seat. Not to mention, as you can plainly see in the picture, there are three 27-inch LED screens and, not pictured, THX surround sound speakers.

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GameStick: Big Screen Gaming in a Small Package

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If you’re looking for the most affordable, portable, and open TV gaming console, GameStick is coming.

At $79, this 2 inch wireless Android game console is looking to change the way we play and, maybe even more importantly, develop games in the future.

With its open platform, a network of developers will be happy to see a tiny barrier to entry, while gamers will rejoice when they see the average cost of a title on a Gamestick will be just a few bucks.

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