LuminAID Lantern & Floatation Device is a Solar Life Saver

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Emergency survival packs need to be portable, lift-able, and useful, as in life saving, and the folding LuminAID lantern and float achieves all of these goals and more.


Zombie apocalypse be damned; we got this!

Seven hours of direct sunlight will give a LuminAID sixteen hours of luminescence and a charge that will last for a full year in storage.

Let’s just say the walking dead (or walking alive office zombies) decide to start rampaging and eating brains. And we all know this is an inevitable scenario.

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Today Only: 25% Off Hurricane 2 Canless Air System

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There has never been such a need to get excited over a can-less air electronics cleaner like today as ThinkGeek has 25% off and free shipping on the Hurricane 2!


TODAY ONLY, folks.

It has long been the Holy Grail to find a can-less air sprayer that had the power and effectiveness of Dust-Off.

The Hurricane 2 Canless Air System is a portable, rechargeable miniature air compressor.

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Shove That Green Solar Energy Up Your . . . Roads?


Solar Roadways is currently on Indiegogo touting a modest goal of powering entire countries, and reducing greenhouse gases by 75%, with their impact resistant solar panel road hexagons.


Pave every road on earth with these solar panels already!

Skepticism over functionality, the trendy hipster-lovin’ solar/green thing, and battery life should come to a crashing halt with Solar Roadways’s amazing . . . well . . . solar roadways.

So do they work?

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Power Your Phone With Body Heat Patch Tech

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Today’s breakthrough technology: recycle heat from your body, cars, boats, factories, and convert it to electrical power with glass fabric-based thermoelectric (TE) generators.


We are not even talking about tomorrow or in ten years.

Byung Jin Chothat’s team of Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) researchers are making and testing extremely light and flexible TE generator wristbands right now!

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The Urban Beehive, Honey and Stings, All From Within the Comfort of Your Home


This is not the set of Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie Two.  This is the Urban Beehive, a far-future design concept by Philips.


Philips wants us to look to the future and leave behind the dingy bureau-esque beehives in an open field…with various colors of chipped paint and a few week’s overgrowth of Kentucky Blue Grass creeping up the sides, as if to keep the bee-bureaus warm and comfortable, in turn creating a perfect temperature for those industrious buzzers to produce and provide us with their sweet, sweet, product: honey.  They have provided a plan to give every bee a home.

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Beta.ey Makes Smart Efficient Solar Generators & Feeds Phones

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In the energy race to bury fossil fuels, the Beta.ey takes an innovative approach to harnessing the power of the sun.


Solar is in and green energy is clean, lean, and mean, but it is far from perfected. And so welcome the U.K. company Rawlemon Solar Devices that has a fully funded Indiegogo campaign for a Beta.ey gadget that is a more efficient type of solar energy and can be miniaturized to feed your hungry phones and devices for cheap!

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Largest Ever Solar Thermal Plant at Ivanpah To Feed Our Gadgets

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California has birthed Silicon Valley, Skynet, and now the world’s single biggest solar operation at the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, which immediately accounts for nearly 30 percent of all clean, solar energy in the US.


Can they do that? Apparently, much to the chagrin of the oil companies, they can.

Ivanpah Solar went online on February 13, 2014 providing enough output to feed 140,000 California homes and all of our iPads and other plugin goodies held within with clean, renewable energy.

How does it work?

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Hands On: Phone Soap is a Fecal Matter Erasing Tanning Bed

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I come to you from a soapbox, not the normal height boosting crowd-pleaser but from a small tanning bed-like device, Phone Soap, made to blast away bacteria with UV lamps and simultaneously charge your phone.


This little guy is light and poised to give your smartphone a wicked tan with its four-minute UVC lamp work.

CNN, MSNBC, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, and even Fox News (so you know it’s the real deal, folks) have all featured and endorsed this little cure for the bacterial barrage that is many a person’s favorite communication device.

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DIY Revolution: Eduardo Alessi’s New Recycled Cardboard Animals

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Living in Hong Kong, industrial designer Eduardo Alessi has probably seen first hand what a series of smoke stacks can do to our environment – where visibility is currently less than 4 and half miles for 30% of the year because of the pollution problem. Alessi’s new ECO DIY Collection of products takes recycled cardboard, in disassembled 2D pieces, and turns them into a quick do-it-yourself project with fun results.

The ECO DIY Collection is more than just a statement on reusability. Each product is made to look like an endangered species. Our recklessness has not only effected our species, but other animals as well – some who are on the very brink of extinction. Currently the collection consists of a rhino penholder, deer clock, giraffe lamp, elephant speakers, and an owl magnifier bookmark.

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Tesla Model S: First Electric Motor Trend Car of the Year

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The Tesla Model S four-door sedan is the first COTY winner in the 64-year history of the Motor Trend Car of the Year Award not powered by a gas-guzzling internal combustion engine.

The technology of batteries is catching up to the needs of a world desperate to escape gas-dependency, and the Tesla Model S has the Panasonic cells with nickel-cobalt-aluminum cathodes to run a 465 HP AC Induction engine. This baby has some serious junk in that 4700-plus pound trunk.

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