Combimouse Combines Your Mouse and Keyboard Into One Brilliant Device


Why can’t you use your keyboard as a mouse? What would be more intuitive than that? Those questions are now answered with the Combimouse, the first freestanding keyboard to put the two together, into one seamless device.


Weighing less than an Apple Magic Mouse, the Combimouse is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” devices that makes so much sense it hurts. Invented by Perth, Australia computer nerd extraordinaire Ari Zagnoev, the mouse/keyboard combo has been an obsession since he invented it back in 1999.

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The Emperor 200: For The Evil Dictator or Avid Gamer In You

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If you want to spend your days resembling a comic book villain trying to take over the world, than this elaborate, scorpioid workstation if for you. Brought to us by Canadian company Modern Work Environment Lab, the Emperor 200 is the most sophisticated workstation ever made.


The workstation was designed to get actual work done with the utmost élan, with specifications that include an air filtration system, light therapy, and an electric powered leather seat. Not to mention, as you can plainly see in the picture, there are three 27-inch LED screens and, not pictured, THX surround sound speakers.

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Mycestro: The Next Evolution of The Mouse

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The computer mouse has made leaps and bounds from the early days of the clunky paperweight on a foam pad and even further from the little red dot in the middle of the keyboard. However, the mouse still isn’t nearly as intuitive or ergonomic as it could be. Mycestro plans to change all that with the new 3D mouse that fits snugly on your index finger and allows you control computer functions with the simple gesture of your hands.


This simple idea is an evolutionary leap – perhaps not as far as being able to control our computers with the power of our minds – but a giant leap nonetheless. The Mycestro mouse began as an idea that came to mechanical engineer, Nick Mastandrea in a flash of genius when he witnessed a fellow traveler struggling to use a traditional mouse within the confines of an airplane cabin.

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VIVAX: Finally a Laptop Case You Can Hit With a Hammer or Run Over With Your Car

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That’s right, VIVAX , the military grade transport case of every potential spy’s dreams has been created to form the most innovative laptop case on the market, and that means it’s crushproof, waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and mudproof.

We’ve all been there before: reenacting James Bond and the opening chase scene in Casino Royale you ran after your friend, forced them into submission high up on the office building roof, and in your struggle to attain the precious data stored on his laptop the backpack straps slip and the bag falls into a massive pile of landscaping dirt — No? Just me?

And even after the computer survived the fall, the shock, and the rain, the dust and topsoil pilfered its life by ruining the motherboard; the fabled spy data was lost. Playing pretend your buddy had to be reimbursed for losing his work laptop in your little game . . . at least until now!

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Querty Power: Turn Any Tappable Surface into a Keyboard

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Why can’t we turn any surface into a “virtual” keyboard? We have gotten used to the idea of typing solely on physical keyboards, but wouldn’t it be cool to just start typing away on any rigid surface, like your desk or kitchen counter to write an email or a quick reminder about something?

I don’t think I’ll ever miss the feeling of burying my fingers deep in an old clunky keyboard six times just to type my first name – worse if I had to write a paper. But it’s just as bad if I have to write a long text or email on a tiny iPhone keyboard. Florian Kräutli (who resembles a young wizard), a Swiss designer and MSc Cognitive Computing student at Goldsmiths in London has developed a new system for smartphones that allows users to replicate the experience of typing on a physical keyboard, anywhere.

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I Stukk the Landing with this Portable & Affordable Laptop Stand

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Travel anywhere with the Stukk lightweight computer stand that easily raises the screen to your eyes.

Oddly enough, I was looking for one of these a few weeks ago as another migraine set in; I had been rocking my MacBook Pro for some 8-12 hours a day on my office desk and my head was becoming perpendicular to my neck and back. I spotted a friend’s office MacBook on a stand and realized I could easily implement a Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad, but I had to raise the screen to eye-level.

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Geek Weekly: Top 5 MacBook Comic Skin Decals

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There are so many great comic skins for MacBooks, but only the best of the best have been selected for the Geek Weekly Top 5!

Please be aware before you read further that personal taste is certainly a LARGE factor in determining the very coolest of the hip Apple fitting decals (if you do not like that well tough, ‘cause I LOVE comics). Without further adieu I give you the Top 5 and a summary of each according to the biggest comic nerd I know (me):

5. The Batman Mask Decal: Weighing in at a tiny size, but well placed awesomeness, we have the Batman mask that turns your MacBook’s apple into Bruce Wayne’s chin and menacing white eyes.

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OS X Mountain Lion Features Worth a Look

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Don’t have a Mac-attack, but the new OS X operating system from Apple, Mountain Lion, upgrades your Mac for twenty bucks.

For many updating the computer’s operating system is a painful and costly affair, not just in terms of what is taken away from your wallet, but also what’s taken away from your functioning array of Apps and programs.

But that is not the case here. There are over 200 new features to Mountain Lion, but let’s gaze at the finer qualities that are readily discernable and worth looking at.

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Apple Overview: WWDC 2012 Keynote Summary of the Fun

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Well Apple certainly keeps our interests perked with incredible innovations and we have here a summary of all of the WWDC 2012 fun.

First up, weighing in at less than five pounds (4.46 lbs.) and sporting a thickness of .71 inches (which is about the thickness of the current MacBook Pro’s base not counting the screen) is the new champion of the laptop world the MacBook Pro with Retina Display!

This is Wow worthy so let’s break it down:

The new display will harbor four times as many pixels as the previous MacBook Pros in its 15.4-inch laptop 2880-by-1800 screen, and it houses a 2.3GHz quad-core i7 processor with 8GB of RAM (upgradeable to 16GB of 1600MHz RAM), an Nvidia GeForce GT 650M graphics processor with 1GB of VRAM, and 256GB of flash storage (upgradeable to 758GB of flash) for $2199.

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Logitech K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac, iPhone, & iPad

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The Logitech geniuses have done it again with their Wireless Solar Keyboard that easily switches between your Mac machines via Bluetooth!

And once it is charged, the K760 will keep on typing for three months (provided your arms continue to work along too).

It seems the old calculator design – the one with the dark metallic strip along the top – has sparked the idea for a Mac keyboard that does not need any batteries or cords, as even lamp light is enough to fuel this bad boy.

Push a button for easy switching Bluetooth . . . wait . . . what?!

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