Geek Weekly: Capcom’s Wearable Mega Man Helmet!

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It is finally here, and after decades of fan clamor and horrendous cosplay knockoff attempts, you can now pre-order your very own Wearable Mega Man Helmet!

And no, you do not have to shrink down to the pint-sized side scroller legend of the screen to fit into it.

This is an official Capcom produced FULL SIZE Blue Bomber helmet.

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Password Vault Is An Offline Identity Protector

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In a world rife with nefarious Internet activity, whether by a code-hungry hacker or your own government’s Big Brother organization, the RecZone Password Vault was created to store all of our identity information and passwords securely.


What does “securely” mean exactly?

Well, the Password Vault device is completely offline for starters.

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Geek Weekly: Run In With R2-D2 Infrared-Projecting Keyboard

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Don’t get me wrong, having any R2-D2 that projects an image is freakin’ cool, and one that puts out an infrared keyboard for Star Wars buffs to type with is even better.


But come on, Runatown, $330? REALLY? Screw that. This R2 is too damn expensive for far too little.

Try not to misunderstand fellow Jedi Alliance members, I LOVE this badass little droid.

I want one in the worst way to role out on desks across the world.

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Combimouse Combines Your Mouse and Keyboard Into One Brilliant Device


Why can’t you use your keyboard as a mouse? What would be more intuitive than that? Those questions are now answered with the Combimouse, the first freestanding keyboard to put the two together, into one seamless device.


Weighing less than an Apple Magic Mouse, the Combimouse is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” devices that makes so much sense it hurts. Invented by Perth, Australia computer nerd extraordinaire Ari Zagnoev, the mouse/keyboard combo has been an obsession since he invented it back in 1999.

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Logitech’s new Washable Keyboard is Dunkable

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The guys at Logitech have finally stepped up their keyboard game from simply spill-resistant (holes) to full fledged waterproof.

Washable keyboards aren’t exactly anything new but, the Logitech K310 is more than just washable, it’s fully submersible.

With a diving range of only 11 inches, you can’t exactly take it to the bottom of a pool but, a quick dip in the sink makes cleaning up any kind of spill or mishap from a cup of coffee to a sticky sugary mess, a breeze.

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Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard for iPhones & iPads

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The business world quivers with excitement at the mere thought of a tablet or smartphone being able to wield this Magic Cube virtual keyboard anywhere. Plus the Celluon Magic Cube is tiny!

Countless times the train awaits but the job’s emergency endeavors and work does not. As the commute to the big city leaches an hour of quality time on the rails, the iPhone in hand is just a pain in the ass to do the writing, posting, and emailing that involves heavy typing.

Your laptop would help you, except it sits at home on the desk, or abandoned in the car, because the hiking through the city and the last minute run to catch the train eliminated the notion of bringing some more pounds that stretch the seams of your briefcase.

Personally, this has all been happening to me a lot lately, and I wish I had heard of the Cosmic – no wait – Magic Cube before.

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Hands On: GearPower Mobile Power Station by IOGEAR

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Portable, pocket-sized, and powerful, the GearPower Mobile Power Station 4400 from IOGEAR provides a remarkable battery charge on the cheap.

How often does that iPhone (yes, even their top-shelf batteries suffer from this) get drained on a train, car, or plane ride?

If the reception is dodgy then texts, Googling, and even Facebooking can suck a smartphone, tablet, or iPod dry in a matter of hours.

Take it from one who commutes to Manhattan via a near-two-hour train ride, each way, and needs the Apps to flow in order to get vital work done (and partake in a good mobile chess game too) even an iPhone can get drained down to a husk and die before a return journey is complete, leaving you very vulnerable and sadly Apple-less.

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Silver Wi-Fi Cufflinks Help Complete Mission Impossible

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The polished silver cufflinks from Brookstone offer up style and suave, but since when do they also wield a 2GB USB flash drive and Wi-Fi hot spot?

Daniel Craig, also known as James Bond in certain diplomatic spy circles, wants his prototype ASAP!

The sexy and shiny oval cufflinks split open to reveal USB thumb drives that are compatible with any sort of computer, tablet, or even iPhone.

It is only in the rarest of cases that fashion and technical gadgetry can be one and the same (for an exception to the rule, see the late Steve Job’s turtleneck for a way to keep the neck warm and the head primed for genius thoughts and technical dreams). Too often the wearer’s look is sacrificed for function, but this is far from the case with Brookstone’s newest release: the Polished Silver Oval Wi-Fi and 2GB USB Cufflinks.

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One Mini Bluetooth Keyboard to Rule Them All

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Once a niche product for corporate presentation rooms and college lecture halls, mini Bluetooth keyboards have also become indispensable gadgets for gamer and home theater enthusiasts alike.  Portable, versatile, and- best of all- cordless, these pocket input devices become increasingly more useful as one adds to their tech collection.

A shining example of a bargain Bluetooth keyboard is the Rii Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard which will set you back about $30.00 and set you up with everything you need to command your home theatre PC, iPad, and Playstation 3.  Combining a standard QWERTY keyboard (complete with function keys!) along with a responsive touchpad, mouse click buttons, and a laser pointer into a sleek-yet-sturdy 6” x 2 ¼” form factor is no easy task, but the Rii Mini accomplishes it handily.

Speaking of hands, those with larger mitts need not worry about their ability to navigate the Rii Mini.  At 6’5” with gigantic hands to match, I have no problems gliding my large, stubby fingers over the keyboard which is- as an added bonus- nicely backlit with the press of a single button on the top left of the unit. This optional backlighting is clear enough to make the keyboard visible in a dark room, but isn’t bright enough to distract your eyes during a movie, meeting, or lecture.

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iGeek External Battery Pack Charges Two USB Smart Devices

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Charge two USB powered devices simultaneously with the amazing iGeek Portable Battery Pack for less than seventy dollars!

We’ve all been there: the last connecting flight has another five hours left before the flier can leave their state of suspended animation, and the battery on the smartphone dies. Ouch!

Not only will a string of uttered curses not achieve anything beyond an Alec Baldwin-like ejection from the airline of your choice, but it is entirely unnecessary thanks to the geniuses over at iGeek.

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