JACK Is Ultimate In Wireless Guitar Using Uncompressed Wi-Fi!

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The craftsmen at Ingenious Audio have funded their Kickstarter campaign for JACK, the amazing Wi-Fi device that allows you to connect your guitar to your amp, computer, soundboard, or phone for seamless, wireless, uncompressed audio.


Jack generates studio level quality without any routers, or cables necessary.

We are not jacking you here, folks (pun intended)!

You can patch into your soundboard or laptop directly by fastening one Jack into the female receptacle on the axe.

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Hands On: Shock, Dust & Water Proof BOOM Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker

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In short, the BOOM Swimmer Bluetooth speaker ROCKS!


Being sent a BOOM Swimmer unit to review, Gadizmo put this little guy through every rigorous test known to humankind outside of climbing in a trash compactor (do not try that at home, kids).

The speaker went through a boot camp if you will. Here is what we found:

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Big Turtle Shell — If Batman Had a Bluetooth Speaker, it Would Work, Look, and Sound Like This


Big Turtle Shell is a water, dirt, and shock resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker that looks like Morgan Freeman made it for the dank, stalagmite filled Batcave.


Close your eyes… you’re in Christopher Nolan’s Batcave; Christian Bale is out growl-talking some thugs. You’re Michael Caine, and the Batcave is a mess. You need some of those nostalgic UK tunes to put you in the cleaning mood — the BIG Turtle Shell is there for you.

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Neil Young’s Pono Music Kickstarter About To Break $5 Million

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Music aficionados take note: a revolution is coming to music listening, and its name is Pono.


Despite my respect (and as an amateur musician/songwriter that’s seen Mr. Young live) and awe for Neil Young and Crazy Horse, I personally thought a triangular iPod, mp3 music player that was too wide to comfortably fit in your pocket a dumb idea . . . and I was dead wrong.

Here’s why:

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Loudbasstard Smartphone Passive Amplifiers – Slick, Green and Loud

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I won’t lie to you – I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit placing my Nexus 7 on various household surfaces, propping it up on pencils and pointing it at walls of various angles in an attempt to discover the best, wire-free method of amplifying its measly speakers. But it seems Loudbasstard have beaten me to it with their range of passive amplifiers.

 Gadizmo Loudbasstard

These gorgeous looking passive amplifiers are made from woven bamboo and rattan and come in a range of colors including teal, crimson, charcoal and my favourite, emerald. Due to the nature of bamboo and rattan, Loudbasstard amplifiers are sturdy, easy to clean and will boost the overall sound output of any smartphone or tablet without the need for extra wires, adapters or electricity in general!

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The Dash: Wireless Earbuds That Double as a Performance Fitness Tracker

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Move over Dre, there’s a new kid on the block. If you thought you’ve proven your musical acuity with a pair of Beats, then I’m afraid you’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg. Developed by German start-up Bragi, The Dash converges wearable tech, entertainment and fitness all into a pair of discreetly designed ear buds.


The Dash dons a 4GB drive that can store up to 1,000 songs, completely eliminating the need to have a mobile device on your person. Its ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort, and is water-resistant up to one meter. To accommodate different wearers, The Dash offers three different sizes of silicone sleeves, designed to hold tightly during exercise with a three point secure fit.

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Livid’s Guitar Wings Brings Awesome Guitar Effects To Our Fingerstips

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It doesn’t mater if you’re a casual strummer or a six-string savant, there’s no denying that daisy chaining audio equipment together is a pain in the arse that turns your living room into a spaghetti wire death trap.


What’s even worse is when a computer or tablet is involved and the joy of music making must be interrupted to manually alter guitar effects. If only there were a way to clear up those pesky wires… oh wait, there is – the Livid Instruments Guitar Wing.

Once attached to the horn of any electric guitar or bass, the Guitar Wing grants easy and instant access to any audio software or MIDI compliant hardware it’s “tethered” to, be that on a computer or on a tablet. Not only does this grant guitar players the ability to apply a range of cool sound effects to their music on-the-fly, but it also reduces – and potentially eliminates – the need for physical effects pedals.

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The Vamp Brings Your Old Speakers Back To Life

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Finally, a gadget that is actually useful. If you haven’t already gotten rid of your old speakers (the ones that have real old fashion wires and the red/black plugin thing on the back that Bluetooth technology has basically rendered completely obsolete), don’t!


The Vamp will breathe life into any and all of your destined-for-the-dump-speakers by converting them into a modern wireless Bluetooth music maker.

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Mico: The New Mind Reading Headphones

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Hailed as “the new mind reading headphones,” this new headset takes electroencephalography and iTunes shuffle to whole new, albeit comical, level.


Japanese based Neurowear has done it before with their famous and wildly successful Necomimi cat ears – and tail counterpart Shippo – that were also controlled be the user’s brain waves. This time they are back with Mico (short for Music Inspiration from your Subconsciousness), which comes with a pair of heaphones, a brainwave sensor, and an iOS app, so that the user’s playlist can be arranged telepathically based on their mood.

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Not The Worlds First Lightbulb Speaker, But Pretty Cool Anyways

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Tier One Electronics’ new Lightbulb Speaker Kit will give people with synesthesia (a pyscho-perceptual condition of mixed sensations where people might see smells and hear colors) something to really trip out about. “Imagine a world where sound was light and light was sound,” is of the taglines of the lightbulb speaker combo. The bizarre creation might give anyone something to trip out about.


The LED light and speaker combination is exactly what it sounds like. A pair of 5 watt LED light bulbs that you can screw into a lamp that have a 10 watt speaker amplifier inside them. The set also comes with an iPhone docking station which provides controls for both dimming the lights and volume but, it should be noted, the speakers can pick up music, wirelessly, from any device.

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