Vinli Makes Your Vehicle a Smart Car With Wi-Fi

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The smart car revolution now has a proverbial genie named Vinli that can cheaply ramp up any car with a computer to become a smart car capable of wielding Wi-Fi!


Any motor vehicle with a data port, or a computer, can wield a Vinli.

Even my beater – a 1996 Camaro with its buckled frame and the charming hole in the passenger side front fender – can serve as a smart car now that the Roku of car devices can plug easily into the car’s antiquated data port.

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Seek Thermal Imaging For Smartphones Is Less Than $200!

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Get the portable, light Seek Thermal imager plugged into the base of your smartphone for $199!


Haven’t you always wanted night vision?

Think about it: You have your comics carefully stowed away in a weatherproof crate for your big move into your first house, but the key to getting them into the secret, fireproof, temperature and humidity controlled vault you have prepared in your basement is getting there unseen. Because there are obviously people waiting to commit heinous acts against your precious books. You do not know these people, but they are there!

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Do Not Lose XY Find It Tracking Beacons [Hands On]


Within 150 feet the XY Find It Bluetooth tracking beacons are fantastic at allowing you to locate your chameleons, car keys, and walking notebooks.

photo 2

What happens if you go beyond the Bluetooth range? You’re screwed.

Seriously, traverse beyond the XY’s reach and you become at the mercy of anyone else who has the “XY Find It” app, because your own phone sure as shit will not let you in on where the beacon and your precious puppy have gone. That is my only gripe.

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The Tactical Utility That Brings Virtual Combat Gaming To Life


Nothing beats the excitement and adrenaline-pumping action you get from playing combat games like Call of Duty, but imagine if there was a way to capture some of the video game and factor it into paintball or airsoft wars in real life. That is exactly what the developers of Project Overwatch, Josh Moody and his father David Moody, have tried to do with their resourceful smartphone app Overwatch.


The app allows users to locate their opponents, communicate with teammates via Live Voice Chat, and send out panic signals during times of distress, along with a list of very helpful, and downright awesome, stratagem features.

Players can download the free app onto their iPhones, and witness what it feels like to be one with the game. Making use of data transmissions and GPS spotting on mobile devices, Overwatch tracks and identifies what other players are doing in relation to you. When it is paired with the level of action on the paintball or airsoft field, you can expect game time to be even more exhilarating and a different kind of operation.

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VMX Project: Visual Artificial Intelligence for the Masses

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Imagine going into the kitchen at six in the morning, on a bleary Monday, and plodding heavy steps over to your trusty coffeemaker and having the Keurig see you enter its line of sight, recognize you, and ask, “Would you like coffee, Dave?”

“Yes, damn it, I’m standing in front of you because I want coffee,” says Dave.

And then the machine-turned-robot (via its software) acts and pours you a cup of caffeinated deliciousness.

This is not science fiction, folks. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming to the masses.

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Bored In Bed? There’s An App For That

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In Ancient India, the Kama Sutra was a little bit like the Zagat Guide for sex positions. The controversial Hindu text could be found on many people’s bookshelves, no doubt next to a steaming cup of hot chai, and wasn’t seen as the scandalous and naughty book it seems today. In fact, quite the contrary, it was seen as just another part of spiritual life. Now that very special erotic spirituality is coming to a smartphone near you with a new app that will bring those famous illustrations to life.


Kama Xitra is basically an add-on app for the popular spiral bound interpretation of the Kama Sutra, which contains up to 69 positions – how fitting. The designer is quick to note that the illustrations in the book are wearing clothing, but they are not when displayed in the smartphone and application version.

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LovePalz: An Erotic Twist To Facetime That May Make You Never Want to Show Your Face Again

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LovePalz is finally here! Wait, what? Are you ready for possibly the strangest long distance sexual encounter you’ll ever have in your entire life? LovePalz is a truly bizarre new Taiwanese start-up that has developed the world’s first Internet enabled sex toy — for his and her pleasure.


Rejected from Kickstarter and the iTunes app store, the company has created their own website (which is a copywriters worst nightmare) and are trudging along anyways with a release date for the device coming later this month.

This new sex toy allows couples to interact with each other erotically and in real-time, from anywhere in the world via their smartphones, with the help of two oddly designed devices, which very closely resemble a typical vibrator and a fleshlight.

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Turn Your Dreams Into A Work of Art With The Ibis Sleep Art App

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Ever wish you could record your dreams? Well, that reality might be here with the Ibis Sleep Art application. Didn’t know that you were a regular Jackson Pollack whilst you sleep? Well, you actually are.


The Ibis Sleep Art app was developed by the Ibis hotel brand – owned by the French conglomerate Accor – which has over 1000 hotels around the world.  The app was created in celebration of National Bed Month, which is really a thing and some hotels take it very seriously.

This unique application captures your sounds and movements, and records them via digital brush stroke to present to you in the morning (or whenever you wake up) a beautiful work of art created by your tossing and turning. All you have to do is set the alarm on the app, place your phone down on the bed and let the phone do all the magic. The app will even give you a minute-by-minute view to see the progress of the painting.

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KitchenPad Timer App is ONLY 99 Cents on Thanksgiving Day

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The timely sale of the century ends today, on Thanksgiving, when you need it the most; welcome the multi-functioning cooking alarm/timer extraordinaire for the iPhone and iPad, the KitchenPad Timer App!

Set up to 9 timers at once (5 stove-top and 4 oven timers) on the best of the brightest touchscreens.

Do not attempt to deep-fry the twenty-seven pound turkey, heat up the most buttery of mashed potatoes to the perfect smoothness and scintillating texture, boil the brown sugar-lined carrots, queue up the caramelized yams, or (dare I say it) churn out the smelliest turnips this side of the Mississippi . . . without the assistance of the timing professionals over at the KitchenPad Timer App.

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Pandora for Your Aorta: A New Music App Reads Your Heartbeat

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Let’s get down to brass tacks – working out is the absolute worst. I don’t get people who actually like it. I’m not anti-exercise in the least – a little physical activity might be good for your overall health here and there. You don’t want to look like a slovenly cretin married to a couch. And what I really don’t get is the people that wake up at 5 in the morning, eat an orange and jog for 10 miles like its no big deal. That being said, I guess this one is for them: a new musical app that reads your heartbeat and decides what music to play.

To be unveiled next month at the SenSys conference in Toronto, Canada, the “MusicalHeart” as lead researcher Shahriar Nirjon at University of Virginia in Charlottesville calls the new app, is an affectionate synergy between technology and the one of human’s most symbolic organs. Almost like Pandora for your aorta, the app uses a microphone embedded in earphone (seems backwards) to listen to the arteries throbbing in your ear.

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