BioLite: Let There Be S’Mores and Electricity!

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For first worlders it makes the perfect camping accessory, for paranoid preppers it is the perfect tool to have in case of an alien invasion, and for third worlders it can provide heat and, simultaneously, electricity for millions of impoverished people. The HomeStove and CampStove from BioLite are portable cooking units that use real wood for fire and, by converting the heat, can also be used as an alternative power source.


The unique stoves are a result of the simple, logical thinking of one avid camper, Jonathan Cedar, and Alexander Drummond, who met at a design consultancy firm, and wanted to use their knowledge to help the world. There are currently over 7 billion people on earth and 3 billion of those people cook on open fires, which contributes to smoke inhalation deaths and global warming. The HomeStove cuts smoke emissions by 95% by using a unique, patented thermoelectric technology, which uses a fan to make the fire ultra-efficient and turns the surplus energy into electricity. So you can plug in your cellphone or a light source.


On the other side of the fence – where sleeping outside is considered fun – the CampStove uses the same technology, but geared a little more towards the Brookstone generation. Find some dry twigs, power up the stove, and you’ve got a nice fire for warmth and some tasty s’mores – you can also plug in your phone or an LED light so you can keep the party going in your tent. The stove even comes with a new grill accessory so you can fire up some hotdogs or burgers too.


For the third world, electricity and clean burning fuels for cooking are essential in the fight against chronic poverty and starvation. The BioLite HomeStove also cuts carbon monoxide, the silent killer, by up to 91%, which can save millions of lives. It also uses 50% less fuel, which means cutting down multiple hours a week just collecting fuel. And with 1.3 billion people without electricity, the stove can provide light and communication, which can have a domino effect of positive results.

If you are thinking of hitting the trails this spring and want to help people in need, you can purchase the CampStove for $129.95. Proceeds for the sale will go to production of the HomeStove and you can be a part of solution, not the problem.

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