Ben & Jerry’s Pint Protector Euphori-Lock

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Take home protection into your own hands with the coolest ice cream pint protector available, the Ben & Jerry’s Euphoria-Lock.

You remember the premise: you arrived home after a hard day’s work and opened up the icebox to find . . . a gaping hole in the once amazing line of vanilla, chocolate, and moose tracks. First there was blind rage, then a thirst for revenge, and Michael Buffer at a microphone, “Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s get ready to RUMBLE!”

But these terribly violent outbursts of violence do not have to be imminent any longer, because Ben & Jerry’s wants us all to chill out.

Roommates, girlfriends, and visiting family members beware! The kings of all natural dessert have created a security system of euphoria. And the freezer is no longer ripe for the pillaging, at least not unless you have the three digit code for the locking Euphori-Lock collar that serves as a portcullis to the rivers of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food among others.

For less than seven dollars this plastic collar can be snapped together and applied to your favorite pint of Cherry Garcia or any similar sized container, so that you do not have to share the deliciousness willingly.

As the ingenious ice cream makers say in Vermont, the all-new Euphori-Lock from Ben & Jerry’s is designed to promote family harmony – and salvage your peace of mind!

Listen and hear the grunts and screams of despair as your closest friends and family are foiled while trying to guess your password in vain. After all, euphoria is only delicious if it has not already been emptied.

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