SNES & More In A380e Pocket Retro Game Emulator

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While Nintendo, Neo Geo and SEGA waver on whether or not their classic titles should get into the mobile App stores, the A380e Pocket Retro Game Emulator has taken action and birthed a NES controller-sized portable retro game player to host the many classics!

There are innumerable sources of ported retro games (aka roms).

Many of the sweet Capcom Street Fighter games from the SNES and the SEGA Genesis, as well as a ton of classic console games from the NES, GBA, or Neo Geo are available. And many of these are available for download for starkly cheap prices, including for free, folks.

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Safe Car Charging With Michelin Smart Jumper Cables

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Do Dad a service this Father’s Day and get him a set of the Michelin Smart Jumper Cables for each member of the family so he can stop worrying about who will be stranded, who will electrocute themselves, and who will fry their car’s sophisticated computer (I know my Dad will be happy).

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 3.08.10 PM

This is the simplest of gadgets and is oh so useful!

Chances are your car does not have a gauge and so your dummy light goes on when your battery is already dead, leaving you stranded, or your car has a dial that you’ve ignored while your battery went quickly from three to six years old and became drained during a sub-zero degree winter morn just before work (or worse while trying to leave work at dusk).

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Squeeze and Zackees LED Turn Signal Gloves Flash

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There are few revelations when it comes to bicycling technology and turn signals, but the Zackees LED Turn Signal Gloves are the exception to the rule.

Simple. Elegant. Comfortable. Safe.

These are the components of the Zackees Turn Signal Gloves.

If you are like me and most biking takes place on the trails and you have gone on to take off your reflectors (for the sake of weight loss, of course), you often wear dark clothing, and you often bike on a busy highway at dusk to get back to your car parked outside of the mountain biking park, Zackees can be a life saver.

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Lily the World’s First Throw & Shoot Camera Drone with Brains

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Take a semi-autonomous brain, add an action camera, and an underwater capable drone, and you have the sweet and innocent sounding Lily.


For photographers and film directors needing key footage in an action sequence, Lily could be the next big thing.

But Beware!

Grim dystopic futures are often pivoting on pleasant sounding artificially intelligent beings, like HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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The Because International Shoe Actually Grows With Kids

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Sometimes the best gadgets are the simplest ones, and the Because International Shoe has invented an affordable, comfortable, and durable show that actually grows with kids as their feet quickly leapfrog sizes as they grow up.


Take the windmill: a cross-shaped wing is fastened to a rotating shaft that is pushed by the wind and turns the attached grinding mechanism below.

This simple and age-old invention not only fed the masses for centuries upon centuries, but it also led to the evolution of the wind power generators of electricity.

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Geek Weekly: NES Gaming Cartridge Flasks

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The sweet and innocent days as a youth playing the shiny new beige and gray Nintendo Entertainment System in the 1980’s are long gone, but the nostalgia for embracing the classics and retro gaming has never been stronger, so let us all drink to the NES with the Gaming Cartridge Flasks!


To be perfectly frank here: playing “Duck Hunt” is still fun.

A new twist on the 8-bit duck shooting marksmanship NES title is to grip the Nintendo Zapper (gun) and try and outplay your friends as you drink to every one of the missed shots, and twice for every time that ugly dog shows his head and laughs at you for missing all of the flying quacks.

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ELP Laser Turntable Lets You Listen To Records Without Spinning Them

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The motto of the ELP Laser Turntable is No Contact. No Wear. and for good reason as the device plays pure, uncompressed analog deliciousness from your vinyl records without spinning or even touching them.


How sexy is that, music lovers?

The laser picks up the analog sound right out of the grooves in the records without having to spin or put a needle to them.

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New Sharp TV’s Get Smarter with Pre-installed Roku

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Save yourself a lot of money by avoiding smart TV’s and still get all of the voice command, Netflix, HBO, among 2000 online streaming channels, in the new Sharp television series with built-in Roku’s.


Smart TV’s are often expensive.

The inexpensive Roku boxes and sticks have been on the market for years now leading the way with a comprehensive software platform that is often far better than the “smart” features included with uber-expensive TV’s, and yet these sticks and hockey puck sized devices instantly plug HD and high speed streaming into any model TV (with an HDMI input).

Why spend two or three grand on a super smart LED model that’s clumsier software will be obsolete, despite their rare updates, while the Roku’s software is constantly updated and upgraded?

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kSafe Stays Closed Until You Meet Your Goal

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Do not fret over hiding the cookie jar from hungry minions again, because the kSafe is here to add willpower and this smart safe will not open until you have reached the connected app’s goal.


Can you override the lock before doing the time, distance, or location-based goal?

Nope! Sorry but your iPhone or your Droid has just commandeered your safe and the only thing that will get your precious out and into your hand, gollum, is completing the mission you set.

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Avengers Assemble the Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab

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In the wake of the Avengers: Age of Ultron assault, what gift could be better than a kit to build your own custom Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab?


The Arc Reactor doubles as a nightlight after you have built it.

There are over 24 different combinations of chips within the assembling kit, and each variation will yield different Iron Man-like sounds and light reactions.

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