Would You Buy A Cheap Portable N64?

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Bungle has created an ingenious portable gaming phenom that is a modded Nintendo 64 playing your beloved N64 games.


I’m talking, GoldenEye, Mario 64, Donkey Kong Country… anywhere! Think of the lunch breaks, hell think of the lunch meetings.

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Neil Young’s Pono Music Kickstarter About To Break $5 Million

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Music aficionados take note: a revolution is coming to music listening, and its name is Pono.


Despite my respect (and as an amateur musician/songwriter that’s seen Mr. Young live) and awe for Neil Young and Crazy Horse, I personally thought a triangular iPod, mp3 music player that was too wide to comfortably fit in your pocket a dumb idea . . . and I was dead wrong.

Here’s why:

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Feed Boba Fett To the Star Wars Sarlacc In Your Toilet


If you are feeling brave in your bathroom, then attempt to save Lando Carlissian from suffering the same fate as Boba Fett and falling prey to the infamous pit of Sarlacc In Your Toilet.


“Boba Fett, where?” Han Solo yelled in blind exasperation.

And with that Han accidentally bumps into Mr. Fett’s jetpack and pitches him into the oddly feminine pit. The galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter and badass dies – not by being cut into shreds by a raging Skywalker laser sword, but like a little bitch.

The desert monster opens its . . . self . . . and swallows Boba Fett with a satisfying burp for good measure.

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Beta.ey Makes Smart Efficient Solar Generators & Feeds Phones

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In the energy race to bury fossil fuels, the Beta.ey takes an innovative approach to harnessing the power of the sun.


Solar is in and green energy is clean, lean, and mean, but it is far from perfected. And so welcome the U.K. company Rawlemon Solar Devices that has a fully funded Indiegogo campaign for a Beta.ey gadget that is a more efficient type of solar energy and can be miniaturized to feed your hungry phones and devices for cheap!

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Largest Ever Solar Thermal Plant at Ivanpah To Feed Our Gadgets

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California has birthed Silicon Valley, Skynet, and now the world’s single biggest solar operation at the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, which immediately accounts for nearly 30 percent of all clean, solar energy in the US.


Can they do that? Apparently, much to the chagrin of the oil companies, they can.

Ivanpah Solar went online on February 13, 2014 providing enough output to feed 140,000 California homes and all of our iPads and other plugin goodies held within with clean, renewable energy.

How does it work?

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Lips On: Pop Open A Corkcicle Chillsner For Beer Coolness

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The party rages under the blistering sun, and while you really do not want to get out of the pool, you also really do not want your beer to get warm while you soak; the solution . . . take a Chillsner pill.


Sit back and sip from your floaty. Life is good.

You can’t ice the beer now, can you? Corkcicle has crafted the Chillsner to give your life, your every precious sip, the sheer coldness it deserves (unless you are in Europe in which case the beer is supposed to be ingested at room temperature).

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The RYNO Is The Dumbest Thing Since Segways One-Upped The Big Mac


If the rampant use of the overpriced Segway was not enough to shake rotund members of western society into exercising practices (that includes actually walking on two legs when you are able), there is now a bastardization out there with one wheel: the RYNO.


How does a $5300 (starting price) sound for a RYNO?

That is competitive with Segway pricing, but you have the benefit of sitting down, instead of standing like a silly looking tourist would while on a Segway traversing the myriad crosstown sights in Washington D.C.

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Geek Weekly: Kitty Survives Winter Thrones & Zombie Apocalypse With Cat Battle Armor


If you are going to battle with Tyrion Lannister in a winter-long Game of Thrones, then you had better be equipped with an armored warrior that is equal in both cunning and size, as is the kitten Bella of Brash donning Cat Battle Armor.


That’s right, I know of a ruthless and deadly kitty named Bella.

The Lannisters pay their debts until catnip is involved; Golden Dragons pale in comparison to Tywin Lannister’s lust for catnip.

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Hands On: TaskOne is the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone Cases

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Paul Bunyan type “A” personalities and iPhone 5 and 5s owners rejoice, because the TaskOne multi-tool is here to ensure that cutting down a young tree limb and carving it into a bow for the Hunger Games requires nothing more than an iPhone case.


And you can open beers with it!

Tool turned iPhone case company TaskLab are out of their minds with survival and outdoor capabilities here. Read More »

VMX Project: Visual Artificial Intelligence for the Masses

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Imagine going into the kitchen at six in the morning, on a bleary Monday, and plodding heavy steps over to your trusty coffeemaker and having the Keurig see you enter its line of sight, recognize you, and ask, “Would you like coffee, Dave?”

“Yes, damn it, I’m standing in front of you because I want coffee,” says Dave.

And then the machine-turned-robot (via its software) acts and pours you a cup of caffeinated deliciousness.

This is not science fiction, folks. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming to the masses.

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