Hands On: TaskOne is the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone Cases

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Paul Bunyan type “A” personalities and iPhone 5 and 5s owners rejoice, because the TaskOne multi-tool is here to ensure that cutting down a young tree limb and carving it into a bow for the Hunger Games requires nothing more than an iPhone case.


And you can open beers with it!

Tool turned iPhone case company TaskLab are out of their minds with survival and outdoor capabilities here. Read More »

VMX Project: Visual Artificial Intelligence for the Masses

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Imagine going into the kitchen at six in the morning, on a bleary Monday, and plodding heavy steps over to your trusty coffeemaker and having the Keurig see you enter its line of sight, recognize you, and ask, “Would you like coffee, Dave?”

“Yes, damn it, I’m standing in front of you because I want coffee,” says Dave.

And then the machine-turned-robot (via its software) acts and pours you a cup of caffeinated deliciousness.

This is not science fiction, folks. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming to the masses.

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Hands On: Phone Soap is a Fecal Matter Erasing Tanning Bed

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I come to you from a soapbox, not the normal height boosting crowd-pleaser but from a small tanning bed-like device, Phone Soap, made to blast away bacteria with UV lamps and simultaneously charge your phone.


This little guy is light and poised to give your smartphone a wicked tan with its four-minute UVC lamp work.

CNN, MSNBC, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, and even Fox News (so you know it’s the real deal, folks) have all featured and endorsed this little cure for the bacterial barrage that is many a person’s favorite communication device.

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Hands On: All-In-One MOGA Ace Power iPhone Game Controller

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As a longtime iPhone fan and owner (of numerous models), it never ceased to amaze that Apple did not have a good gaming controller that they endorsed for their powerful product, but that time has passed in the wonderment that is the MOGA Ace Power!


If I sound a little over the top, remember that I have been playing Ms. Pacman in all of her vintage arcade ghost-eating-glory with a virtual, touchscreen joystick. Ms. Pacman NEEDS a real joystick (as I pointed out here with Gaming on the Phone: JOYSTICK-IT).

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Hands On: USB Devices Get Their Powerocks Off With Super Portable Charger


With a name like the Powerocks Super Magicstick, you know this mini-flashlight sized portable charger can truly give any deader than still-life USB phone, iPod, tablet, or camera a happy ending with power restoration.

photo (1)

The magic part is probably not the size, but the punch the Magicstick (we reviewed the 2800 mAh model) packs for the small casing – up to two full charges of a smartphone, iPad, or comparable USB piece of tech.

What a whollup!

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Moga Controllers Charge Phones & Tablets While Beaming Games To the TV

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For those who are addicted to Candy Crush, Tetris, or Angry Birds, game up without the battery dying on you anytime soon, or the tiny screen striking you blind, because Moga’s newest Pro controller is your Hero.


Forget the puns, who would not want to carry around an adept, ergonomically superior Moga game controller to charge the phone?

Charge and play, play and charge.

Gaming Trend’s “Best New Hardware Winner E3” went to two of the best and brightest phone and tablet game controllers of Moga, the Hero and the Pro, that take advantage of the Android platform’s array of games while charging the devices and sending video to the TV.

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Geek Time: Star Trek Medical Tricorder Scout Is Real

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Star Trek’s creator Gene Roddenberry would be proud, because the crowd-funded Scanadu Scout has surpassed its goal, by almost $400,000 on Indiegogo, and will become the first non-fiction medical tricorder to ever hit the market.


I say “non-fiction” because Star Trek invented the idea of the tricorder in the fictional TV show’s device that allows a medical scan to check vitals within a minute of holding it to the body. I can just see Bones now as he grasps the tool and fights with a bruised and scraped up Captain Kirk to let him hold the medical reader up to his forehead for an uninterrupted minute.

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Hands On With the Tantulus Liquor Bottle Lock


It is every parents dream and every teenagers worst nightmare: the “Tantalus” Liquor Bottle Lock quickly and easily fastens to the top of any bottled spirits and prevents it from being accessed without a key.


There is a huge need and calling for such innovative, affordable, and simple measures of home safety.

With recent success protecting the liquor retail industry from theft with BottleLox, the inventors over at Catalyst developed this keyed device to prevent underage drinking in the home where at least 45% of teens ages 12-14 get their first alcoholic drinks (many times without permission).

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Geek Time: Newest NASA Mini-Satellites Resembles Jedi Training Remote

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Who can forget Obi Wan Kenobi instructing Luke Skywalker with a floating Jedi remote, like a robotic softball? NASA has worked to recreate these functioning bots with miniature satellites called Spheres (Synchronized Position Hold Engage Reorient Experimental Satellites).


The NASA Spheres are currently floating around in the International Space Station, powered by smartphones!

I want to reiterate this for all of the sci-fi fans out there that have wondered when the genre of Star Wars would change to read science non-fiction: floating, working robots, the size of soccer balls, have been traversing about in space.

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Carnegie Mellon’s CHIMP Robot is a Real Life Transformer

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Since I was a child of the 80’s, there has been speculation on when the cartoon Transformers would inspire real-life robotics experts to form a transforming bot, and Carnegie Mellon, competing for the $2m DARPA prize, has constructed the CHIMP to make dreams come true.


Part of the revolutionary university’s “Tartan Rescue” program gave birth to this robot that is capable of working on all four limbs with rotating treads as a tank, or climbing vertical ladders with its adept hands and Swiss-army-like knife parts (that can pop out of its arms and legs) as an ape-like being — or CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Platform (CHIMP).

This is not fiction, and this is not a cartoon.

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