AI Riders on The Storm Jacket: Its Time to Get a Little Weird

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Winter is right around the corner and I do need a new jacket…


If you hate the cold bite of winter, like standing out in the crowd, and find the whole jacket/scarf/goggle/hat thing too time consuming, the new Italian designed “AI Riders on The Storm” jacket is your solution.

What we see is essentially a high end designer down jacket with a removable full face hood so, I’m not going to ramble on and try and make this more than it really is but, it does make a bold statement and it sure looked warm so, I had to share. I’m not even sure this is exactly a new concept but, it is certainly well executed.

The detachable hood features quick swap lenses which come in clear, smoke, gold, and mirror to combat the elements or create a custom look. Thankfully the pom pom is a detachable option – we’d hate to look like a douche.

Available for both men and women, prices start at $289 for the lightweight nylon version and run up to $492 for the heavier down version featured above.

As sweet as this jacket might be in the hands of fun loving weirdos, the thought of faceless nefarious characters makes me a little nervous (I’m a little paranoid). Is this high fashion or the new face of terror in an upcoming Hollywood horror box office smash?

[Product via ohGizmo]

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